Common Defects Found In a Bluetooth Speaker


Speakers have been known as the source of loud music you can enjoy. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology as many speakers nowadays are utilized this technology enables us to listen to music wirelessly.

However, sometimes some defects of a Bluetooth speaker ruin our experience in using this device. If you are going to buy Bluetooth speakers it is wise to reassurance that it functions properly. Otherwise, you may end up having a bad speaker. Check out the best prices on Bluetooth speakers in Sri Lanka at

The most common issues with Bluetooth speakers are about the sound created by the speaker as well as the connectivity to a Bluetooth-capable tool. Knowing the defects of a speaker with Bluetooth technology will help you to understand what problems that may occur when you buy one.

If you find something go wrong, you can prevent it as soon as possible. Following are some familiar defects found in a Bluetooth speaker along with the way you test them:

Low sensitivity

Low speaker sensitivity is the most common defect found in the Bluetooth speakers. The sensitivity of a speaker is actually determined by the amount of power required to operate the loudspeaker.

The measurement of the sound is derived from electricity from the amplifier. It should not need major extra power input to turn up the volume a little. A speaker that requires lots of power may quickly break and deteriorate. On the other hand, a high-end speaker tends to have greater sensitivity with a longer lifespan.

Poor signal

Bluetooth poor signal can actually be the second common defects found in the Bluetooth speakers. In general, the speaker can’t connect to the device due to poor signal. However, it is normal to have some disrupted signals when there are some multiple obstructions between a Bluetooth device and the signal source. A good speaker will have no signal disruption when talking about signal strength.

Phone call

Try to answer calls through Bluetooth speakers will end up cutting out. This is all because they have trouble while connecting. The phone software is blamed for some reasons. To solve the problem, you can try to update it. But, you will also require standardized testing to make sure the connection of a phone call on some units.

Frequency issues

The issues of frequency commonly also become the defect of a speaker using Bluetooth technology. Frequency is the measurement of the ability of a speaker to produce sound. When the frequency of a speaker is too low or high, you may not be able to hear the sound clearly. You can test the frequency with a frequency tester.

Rattling sound

When turning on a speaker, sometimes you may hear some rattling sounds come up from the speaker. That sound is caused by loose parts within the speaker.

Above all, using Bluetooth speakers to entertain yourself could be frustrating especially when you figure out some defects. By knowing the common defects, you will be able to find the solution the next time you find similar problems with your speaker.