Common Issues With Truck Suspension


Truck Suspension Problems

Due to the type of work they are typically involved in, trucks can regularly suffer with suspension issues. When it comes to truck suspension, whether it’s a snapped spring or full suspension failure, it’s important to ensure the issue is correctly identified and the right replacement are ordered for the repair to be carried out.

Most truck suspension issues are caused by one major issue and that’s over working the suspension, whether it’s from use on rugged terrain or overloading the vehicle past its maximum load capacity. Below, we’ll cover some of the main suspension systems issues that regularly occur in poorly maintained trucks.

Most Common Truck Suspension System Issues

When it comes to trucks, they regularly suffer from issues with the suspension and this is due to the type of work or use they are typically used for. However due to these types of uses such as agriculture work, towing and a number of other related jobs, it’s easy to see why trucks suffer with suspension problems, especially if they haven’t been maintained correctly either. We believe some of the most common truck suspension issues to occur in working trucking vehicles are:

  1. Cracked or snapped suspension springs
  2. Age deterioration of the suspension system
  3. Dirt and grime build up causing rust and degradation of the suspension
  4. Full suspension failure caused by overloading the maximum load capacity
  5. Shock absorber failure either due to age or poor maintenance

No matter how big or small your truck suspension issue might seem, it’s always best to have it checked out. What might be a small issue to start out with, can soon turn into an expensive problem if it isn’t resolved.

Resolving Issues With Truck Suspension

As with any type of vehicle issues, it’s always best to have truck suspension issues checked over by a professional mechanic. This is to ensure the problem is correctly identified and the right truck suspension parts are ordered for your vehicle. Once you have the right parts, it might be possible to carry out the truck suspension repair yourself or you might require the use of a professional garage, depending on the issue it’s suffering from.