Corner Protectors – Significance, Uses and Applications


As the name, clears it, corner protectors are saving elements of the edges on tops, bottoms, and corners of the cartons or boxes. They can be used inside or outside the boxes to protect the corners. They have the capability to stand with stress and friction from external forces. There are a variety of corner protectors available like plastic, foam, and cardboard corner protectors. They are in the form of angles, basically, which are applied by reinforcing on the edges of the boxes.

Cardboard corner protectors are made by recycled paper. Layers of the papers form the shape of the angle using water-based bonding agents. A biodegradable coating that is water-resistant in nature is applied at the top of the corners.

Importance of using a corner protector:


A packed box or container has to pass through a lot of operations. First packaging, rigorous shipping, and finally stacked at logistics; all the three stages can impact the packing majorly if it is not done properly. To keep the box safe and fresh until its delivery, it is important to use cardboard corner protectors for the safety of edges of the containers. While lifting, moving, and shipping, packages of all varieties can collide, fall, or move, which can affect the product packed inside. To keep it safe in the box, the cardboard corner protector is the most efficient, convenient, and reliable option to adapt by the companies.

Cardboard corner protectors protect the edges of the boxes, keeping them safe from external destructive factors. They provide immense strength to the boxes to withstand the abrupt outside changes. It helps majorly in the stacking of the parcels keeping safe intact till the delivery.

General Uses of Corner Protector:

Cardboard corner protectors are more cost-effective than using wood or metallic protectors to provide a firm base and strength to handle the containers with loads of weight. There are certain specific uses of the corner protectors:

  • Corner protectors save the edges and corners against blows.
  • They also keep the scratches and other damage at bay, which can be occurred by wrapping.
  • They can be of any size and useful for all kinds of cartons or boxes.
  • They are helpful in branding and advertising of the product and company.
  • Being recyclable in nature, a lot of money can be saved with the use of cardboard corner protectors.
  • The strength of stacking is immensely improved with corner protectors by shifting the pressure to the edge of the box. It multiplies the support.
  • With cardboard corner protectors, the cost and time are immensely saved by removing the operation of stretch wrapping.
  • They are easy to glue with the help of staples, adhesives, and tapes compared to other types of protectors.

Logistics Applications:

Cardboard corner protectors applied vertically on the edges allow the stacking-layers to endure the weight of the boxes kept upon each other. They also support the inside edges and corners of the containers reducing the tendency of corrugation in the material of boxes. With corner protectors, strapping is not required as placing the corner protectors vertically and horizontally distributes the stress all over without pressing a specific corner or edge.