Do Flowers Actually Have Medicinal Properties?


So many people are looking for the best bouquet among flower delivery Singapore services. However, most of them don’t even realize that flowers aren’t always about their colors and appearances. That matters, but some of them have so many useful medicinal properties you can use to cure any ailments.

Truthfully, some medicinal blooms can heal almost any type of illness, from funny tummy, rashes, to calm anxiety. Don’t worry, it’s purely natural medicine. It means you won’t need to deal with any serious side effects.

Because it is 100% natural, it costs much cheaper than medicinal chemistry or pharmaceuticals. People can immediately use it fresh, dry it, or use it as essential oils. However, please keep in mind to check the amounts and instructions properly, some can be potent, so do your research first.

Medicinal Properties in Roses

Not just presenting the love, roses have so many potential medicines inside. Miraculously, almost every florist sells it in various types and colors. When you know how to process it properly, this bloom can be perfect medicine herbs to maintain your health.

Specifically, Unani (Greek-Arabic medicine) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believe that roses are good to maintain the heart. While Unani called it as pneuma, the TCM named it as shen.

Other than the ordinary roses you find in any online flower stores, they basically have useful enzymes, like an aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, and sedative as the anti-inflammatory agent. It also becomes a big help to revive regulating menstruation and stimulating digestion.

Some people use roses as their essential oil and herbal essence. Its petal tincture is quite popular to apply in numerous heart medicine formulas, while the dried petals can be processed into teas. Even it can be applied along with Ignatia Amara to soothe the wounded spirit and make it calm.

Other Flowers with Medicinal Properties

Not only roses, but other blossoms also have an unimaginable formula that can help people to cure and keep healthy. So perfect, beauty appearances and so many benefits inside. Luckily, you can find these miraculous flowers among online flower delivery services easily.

  1. Chrysanthemum

As one of traditional Chinese medicine, people prescribe it to a headache, sore throat, inflammation of eyes, and cold. It has over 20 varieties and becomes an effective formula to treat tinnitus, chest tightness (mostly by anxiety), and vertigo.

  1. Jasmine

Most people use this bloom to make jasmine oil, an effective prescription for curing depression and uplifting mood. It also has an essential part to soothe hard muscle and help body cramps and aches. Besides, the common trust that it can improve your digestive system and help people with sleep issues.

  1. Calendula

Historically, its petals have been applied to heal burns, cuts, and wounds. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents that help in healing skin. Moreover, calendula has been known to decrease muscle spasms and maintain pain during menstruation. Its astringent agent has a good deal to encourage oral health.

  1. Daisy

To deal with digestion, daisy can be a perfect option from online florist services. Despite its function to increase appetite, it also can be used for constipation, gastritis, and even diarrhea. Even, you can use it to prevent any urinary tract inflammation and painful cramps while getting a period.

  1. Lavender

Has been known for its antimicrobial agents, people commonly use lavender oil in aromatherapies and cosmetics. Enriched with stress buster agents, it can reduce stress levels and induce deep sleep. In the beauty world, it is very helpful at healing skin infection and acne.

Flowers are not only about the beautiful and bright color, some have very impressive health benefits. Other than the name mentioned above, the California poppy is good for relieving anxiety and stress. Cornflower can be applied as a booster to liver health, and so on. Enrich your data by researching to find which flower  bouquet can be useful to maintain health. Check out these flower bouquets prepared by Windflower Florist.