Dreamin’ In Chartreuse


Who knew those colours that you’d usually avoid would turn out to be your favourites? This shade from Missguided’s latest collection has been making its way through the blogger sphere lately and I’m guilty of jumping on the bandwagon. I couldn’t resist trying something new, especially when this shade would usually be a no-go with blondes but paired with a pop of red to brighten your skin tone and voila, it works! It’s all about breaking the rules with your party wardrobe now, and if you’re more of the one to keep it simple, switching up your usual colour palette is the easiest way to do the trick. I found this with accessories as well. I dug out some very old Oakley sunglasses recently, and to my surprise they actually look great with a lot of my outfits. Retro cool, who knew! What are your thoughts on this new season colour palette? Will you be rocking a no-go shade?

Talking of colour, one thing that never changes season upon season for me is my colour palette. Sure, the occasional trend piece is thrown in there if I really like it and a printed item that I love one season, but once you know your palette it’s always best to stick to what you know. For me, neutral tones work well since I have ‘Autumn’ colouring – this includes purple hues, nudes, emerald/forest greens, browns, reds and oranges – so as you can imagine it’s a tough one to rock in the Summer and I have to mix up my make up look to alter my palette when needed. When Autumn finally does come round however, it’s officially my time of year to compliment my skin tone with all those shades that suit me best. But all of this is where nude steps in. Nude is a shade I can wear all year round, and when I spotted this playsuit in all of it’s glory I need it was my season upon season trusty wardrobe BFF. I also knew it was going to meet it’s unlikely match of these purple jewel toned velvet boots that I’m officially forever in love with. Throughout the years, I’ve completely poured my affection for velvet all over this blog and this year that won’t be coming to a halt either. Long live the velvet booties! After all, what’s the best way to profess your love for a trend than to adorn your feet in it?