Everything One Should Know About Tako Wasabi


If you love trying new exotic and odd food that will take your tastebuds on an adventure, then take wasabi delivery (ทา โกะ วา ซา บิ เดลิ เว รี่, which is the term in Thai) is the way to go. Tako wasabi is one such dish that the faint-hearted should think about twice and thrice before they pop slimy octopus or squid dish in their mouth. But once tasted, it would be an explosion of flavors. 

Usually, people try to stay away from raw food, this is the reason why many do not like sushi because of the use of raw meat, imitation meat, or even raw vegetables. This is why when people see tako wasabi for the first time or Tako Wasa as some would call it, people usually steer away from it. For many, the slimy, slippery alongside chewy taste of small octopus or squid is not something one wants. But when you go for it, the texture of it pairs perfectly with the heat of the wasabi and the right kind of wine. And, if you are a foodie yourself, then trying this out is a must. 

What Does One Understand By Takowasa?

The name Tako Wasabi is an English one while the original would be the Takowasa. The name is derived from two words which would be tako meaning raw octopus while as a substitute many now opt for squid. And, wasabi would be the heated Japanese horseradish. This is a side dish that comes with chewy octopus packed with wasabi. 

For many, it might not look as appealing it as tastes and that could create bad tensions regarding whether you should like or hate the dish. But when one tastes it, they would be able to taste the sea in their mouth along with the satisfying texture of the chewy octopus. 

This dish is low in calorie count and is very nutritious as it protects your liver along with your stomach from what damage ethanol could do otherwise. 

Nowadays, if you are worried about consuming raw octopus, many are offering you cooked octopus too and seaweed making it quite a delicious take wasabi delivery for your nightly endeavors. 

How To Master The Perfect Recipe?

This uncommon delicacy is not hard to make and one should try it once in their lifetime. What you need would be an octopus, soy sauce, sake and plum, salt as required, mirin, wasabi paste, and also sugar. Washing the octopus with water and salt is important, clean the slime away. 

Cut the octopus into small pieces, mix them with fresh wasabi paste, and then slowly add the rest of the ingredients. 

This dish is surely a special dish that one should try out. One cannot be called a true Japanese foodie if you have not successfully eaten tako wasabi.