Factors That Determine Appropriate Hair Transplant Technique


Hair fall is one of the most common concerns of our day to day life. At certain phase of life we encounter more hair fall than usual. It could be temporary or permanent but still when occurs it causes mental turmoil and could have negative psychological impact. Hairs are the cosmetic assets which enhance one’s beauty and make them look youthful. Thus, when you have lack of them you could lose confidence and self worth making you look ages older than what you really are. 

There are available temporary remedies in the market which claims to solve your hair loss problem. But how effective they are is questionable. Temporary aids like wigs, extensions and patches could be exhausting and could lead to embarrassment when someone notices it. Medications available like minoxidil and finasteride in the market are known to have positive impact in slowing the progression of hair loss and increasing the rate of hair growth. But these medications could also have temporary influence and could relapse after the stoppage of the medications. 

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is intended to provide maximum coverage to the bald area along with the natural look. Hair transplant is performed by harvesting of follicular units from the donor area mainly from the back and side of the head or alternatively from the other parts of the body based on the available hair density. These harvested follicular units are then transferred to the recipient bald area. Hair transplant cost in India is quite affordable as per the high quality of services provided in some clinics which lure Indians and other foreign nationals to take benefit from the procedure. 

Hair transplant techniques

Hair transplant cosmetic surgery is performed by 2 modern techniques which are differentiated based on the procedure of harvesting follicular grafts. These techniques include: 

FUT hair transplant (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique): FUT hair transplant technique is performed by removing a thin strip from the donor area majorly from the back and side of the head which are then shifted to the graft segregation room to dissect individual grafts. These individual follicular units are then transplanted to the recipient bald area.  

FUE hair transplant (Follicular unit extraction): FUE hair transplant technique is performed by extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area majorly from the back and side of the head which are then transplanted to the recipient bald area.  

These techniques have their own set of indications and limitations with which they are opted in teach patient according to the individual requirements. Both of these techniques offer astounding results when performed by expert hands and using latest technology. Thus, there is no technique which is considered best over other but the surgeon’s sound decision while opting the technique makes it best for that individual case.

Here we have provided list of factors which majorly contributes to the opting of hair transplant technique by the hair transplant surgeon including:

  1. No of graft required: The choice of hair transplant technique is made majorly based on the number of the follicular grafts required.  FUT hair transplant is opted when there is requirement of more number of follicular grafts and the extent of baldness is more. With 


Sex of the patients

Hair density

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