Fantasy baseball leagues-the best virtual game


The fantasy sports games app provides a platform that is very popular and there are many impressive games. Fantasy gaming platform creates a unique gaming thrill that attracts fantasy gamers. Platforms offer good pay-out structure and unique leagues that allow the users to follow sports liked by them and get rewarded by playing those games. In fantasy games a virtual team is created by the gamer that plays against the opponent’s team and earn rewards. Fantasy games online are the based gaming platform on android and iOS. Users can create contest, invite friends to play along, they can also participate in multiple contests with multiple teams. The app also provides a platform of referral system in which participants can refer the app to the friends and family to win referral bonus. Various fantasy sports games are played online like cricket, fantasy baseball leagues, basketball, football and kabaddi. These famous fantasy games are very much liked by the sports lovers.  The games are played on smartphone or any other digital device where one can play alone or in a group. The games on this platform are played with the same norms which are there in the real games only. The virtual games can be played on the platform with single player, system and with a group also.

Fantasy Baseball game:

Best Fantasy Baseball league matches can be played on the app that can be easily downloaded from the website. The baseball game has become the most liked game and the sports lovers are taking more interest in the same. The app provides an excellent platform that can be utilized by the user for playing online games.

How the match is played?

Baseball is similar to cricket and is played with both bat and ball but in a different way. The game is played between two opposing team who take turn by turn batting and fielding. The winning team is the one that scores more points and leads the match. The game is played when a player called pitcher, at the fielding team throws the ball and the batting team tries to hit the same ball with a bat. The objective is to hit the ball in to the field of the play, allowing its players to run the bases. There are four bases around which they have to play and score runs. A run is scored by the player when the runner legally advances around the bases in order to touch the home plate. The scoring team wins the game.

Downloading the Fantasy Baseball Game:

Downloading the app is very easy and secure. Sports lover can go on the website of fantasy sports and enter the mobile number. The link of the app is send to your phone; you can open the link and download the app by just clicking on it. Let the complete set of files download on the smart phone. Then the app starts downloading on the mobile and here you go. You can open the installed fantasy game app and enjoy playing it. The app provides to its users exclusive offers, promotions, real time updates and user friendly platform to play the game. The app also offers its users the real cash earning options while playing the game. The users who have excellent knowledge about the baseball can play the game and on winning they can earn cash prizes. For the beginners practice contests are played to learn the rules and skills and become perfect in playing the fantasy baseball league. The app is friendly to both android and IOS users.

Fantasy Baseball Rules:

  • Fantasy Baseball game has two teams consisting of 9 players each.
  • At the fielding position team includes pitcher, first baseman, shortstop, third baseman, and three outfielders each at left field, centre field and right field.
  • The game goes on for 9 innings during which both the teams get to bat once. An extra inning will be added if the game is a tie after playing 9 innings.
  • The batting order once picked cannot be changed throughout the game. However, team is allowed to put substitutes. The substitute needs to bat in the same order as played by the previous player replaced.
  • While running through the bases each base must be touched with some part of the batters body to score the runs.
  • Before getting out the batter gets up-to three strikes. A strike is considered when a batter swings for a ball but misses it.
  • The batter can run to the next base at any point, when on the base.
  • Players can be dismissed from the game by either ‘strike out’, ‘force out’ ‘fly out’ or ‘tag outs’.
  • If a batter reaches the first base with bat he will be considered as out.

Fantasy sports baseball is mainly for the people who are in search of a more social and interactive way to watch the favorite sports and players. Any sports lover can join the fantasy league and enjoy the game.

Game-play formats of Fantasy Baseball:

There are three main types of fantasy baseball game play formats used by the teams commonly during the games:

  • Rotisserie: Win is decided on individual position of the players or individual categories. The wins are subtotaled weekly and these subtotals are added up at the end of the season. This total decides at the end who is winner of the game.
  • Head to Head, One win: It is mostly the same strategy as utilized in Rotisserie but the difference is instead of giving win for each category, the loss or win for each category are totaled. Player having the best win/loss record of the week receives only one win point. These win points at the end of the season are totaled to decide the winning team.
  • Points: Statistics accumulate points for each team. If the players of the team get the most points, the team is considered as the winner. This game play version is usually pays out weekly prizes for the top-ranking fantasy team.