Finest Choices for the Essential ladders


Working up there is always a risk of an accident, and even a drop of a meter can be fatal. Leaning ladders are widely used as life-threatening and in violation of regulations as long-term routes or work platforms. A-ladders must also not be used as a work platform without stabilization, even at a height of 1 to 2 meters. Stability is provided by the lower beams of the A-ladder. With the best best ladder stabilizer you can get the best choices now.

During the ten years from 1992 to 2011, there were a total of 17 fatal ladder accidents, of which 16 occurred on the ladder and one on the A ladder.

Basic instructions for ladders:

Is it necessary to use a ladder? What other means would there be?

  • Working on ladders is prohibited. Stable A-ladders can be used for light and temporary work, but for longer and heavier work tasks you need to build a work platform, a scaffold or use a personal lift.
  • Movable ladders may only be used as a temporary access road. Otherwise, a fixed walkway and adequate handrails are required.
  • Check the condition of the ladder. Broken steps and worn, hardened non-slip barriers are dangerous.
  • Prevent slipping. Support the movable ladder from below or attach from above. If necessary, use side ridges.
  • Make sure the angle of inclination is 70 to 75 degrees. The ladder is then remarkably upright.
  • Wear a helmet with a chin strap and, if possible, also fall protection.
  • Leave your hands free. Handling objects increases the risk of falling.
  • Do not step on the top two steps of the ladder.

“Work equipment equipped with rungs or steps on which a person can go up, down and stop for short periods. They allow you to overcome differences in height and reach high-altitude jobs; they can be transported and installed by hand without the aid of mechanical means. “

The use of portable ladders is very frequent especially for access at high altitude in maintenance operations in those workstations not equipped with permanent access systems. For the stabilizer for ladders this is the best choice.

Without hiding behind a finger, however, we know that they are often used as real workplaces at high altitude. In this case, it is possible to resort to special PPE and techniques from specialists to improve safety.

  • In fact, we receive a lot of requests for suggestions to implement the safety of those operators who, due to space or time constraints, are forced to work on a portable scale.
  • The types of portable ladders indicated by the regulations.
  • To know how to best use them and how far we can go while maintaining a high level of safety for workers, it is necessary first of all to learn about them.