4 Unique Ways to Manage Migraine Pain


Migraines can ruin your entire day, and if you are very unlucky, your entire week. Migraine sufferers know that these are more than just annoying headaches that can be remedied with a few Tylenol. If you suffer from these debilitating headaches, here are 4 pain management tips that you should try.

Avoid Nitrates and Other Migraine-Triggering Foods

This may seem very strange, but nitrates can be migraine triggers, so it is important to avoid them as much as possible, particularly when you feel a headache coming on. Foods with nitrates include hot dogs, deli meats, and bacon. You should also avoid foods like chocolate, alcohol, processed foods, and anything containing MSG, as these are all known triggers. The best way to keep your headache at bay is to eat healthy, whole foods and avoid junk, as hard as it may be.

Try Medical Marijuana 

Though controversial, medical marijuana St Augustine FL has been known to relieve the pain associated with migraines in some cases. People tend to have more luck with smoking marijuana than consuming edibles, as they find that it is easier to control how much they take in and thus, they also suffer from fewer side effects. A recent study reported that cannabis could reduce migraine and headache severity by 50%, and although tolerance can increase with continued use, this does not make cannabis less effective.

Stay Hydrated

When you have a terrible headache, the last thing you want to do is worry about eating and drinking. But staying hydrated is essential, as dehydration can often be a migraine trigger. In fact, dehydration is one of the leading causes of headaches, particularly in the hotter months. If you feel a migraine coming or are in the throes of one, ensure that you are drinking enough water – 6 more cups than you typically drink in a regular day is recommended.

Try Yoga or Deep Breathing

It may be difficult to focus on anything other than your pain, but attempting deep breathing or even light yoga can help to refocus your mind and calm your body. Do something simple that does not require much physical effort to see if it works for you.

Migraines can be terribly debilitating, and those who are lucky enough not to suffer from them will never fully understand how they can completely consume you. If you get these headaches, perhaps one of these tips will finally provide you relief.