First Aid for boaters: special training features


Being aware of some special features might be life-saving. Safety and security couldn’t be achieved without a basic knowledge background. Learning required in Erste Hilfe Kurs is taken into consideration. Moreover, some special features are added to provide the full preparedness of first aiders and having the ability to run the urgent situation at sea. 

What is important to know with the emergency at sea

The urgent situation at sea can be complicated by bad weather conditions. It would be difficult to get to the point in time. Lack of space on boats can make troubles for erste hilfe kurs München Moosach to apply the recovery position of the casualty. And the last thing which is of vital importance is a response. Qualified doctors can respond on the land, the transportation may be fatal.

Some following items may draw clarity to the situation and turn to be helpful:

  • Medical evacuation should be held with all required supplies (first aider should note every detail about the situation happening to casualty, collect documents, clothes, and body parts properly)
  • Secondary drowning could happen (when rescuing a person from drowning and performing CPR, second drowning could happen because of fluid in lungs, to avoid this special medication is given to stabilize the lungs and reduce the fluid)
  • Obtaining handy medical solutions on board (there are granules for blood clotting to control the bleeding, injection needle pen helping to overcome the anaphylactic shock and allergic reactions)
  • Head injuries should be treated with additional care (the casualty can seem fine after having the accident but after a few days headaches may become more serious and run to complications, so additional information of accident itself is of high importance)
  • Don’t take out any objects stuck in the body parts (taking out things will only cause a larger problem, stopping blood and cleaning the wound would be appreciated).