Give Your Jeep A Complete Makeover with VIGILANTE


Getting a complete restoration service for your Jeep Grand Wagoneer is both time-consuming and an expensive affair. So, you must get your restoration service done by a highly reputed service provider. That way, the result will be completely worth the time and money. VIGILANTE is a company that has been known to provide extraordinary Jeep restoration services for decades now. With VIGILANTE’s Jeep restoration services, your car will feel like it has just been brought out of the showroom. So, you can get in touch with VIGILANTE for the 1975 Jeep Cherokee Restoration.

How is the Jeep restoration process carried out?

VIGILANTE offers complete Jeep restoration services to its customers. The entire Jeep is disassembled piece by piece and then the paint is stripped off the body of the vehicle. The body of the vehicle is then metalized and the chassis is fully galvanized to protect it from rusting for years to come. The body of the Jeep is then finally painted and the chassis is powder-coated. All the mechanical components of the vehicle are completely restored.

The vehicles are restored to meet the present-day standards. The technicians at VIGILANTE are specially trained to understand which part is perfect for your vehicle. Attention is paid to every single aspect so that nothing is left out during the restoration process. The restored Jeeps have reliable drivetrains and custom-built chassis. They will give the Jeep owners a fresh new driving experience. 

Why is VIGILANTE the best of the bests?

VIGILANTE designs its own frames for the vehicles that are about to be restored. This makes the Jeeps a lot more efficient than before. Their performance is also up to 8 times better than their original versions. This makes VIGILANTE’s services truly outstanding as most Jeep restoration companies keep using the original frames during the restoration process. VIGILANTE also undertakes the entire restoration process in such a way that there are no changes made to the original design of the vehicle. 

The restoration services take around 15 months to complete, so if you are not ready to wait that long, you can easily get an already restored Jeep from their inventory. VIGILANTE is an expert in offering restoration services to Full-Size Jeeps that were manufactured between 1964 and 1991. The restoration process is both unique and efficient.

To end with:

So, if you want to get your Jeep restored completely, you must visit VIGILANTE and opt for their exceptional restoration services. You can also visit their inventory to check whether they already have got anything in store for you.