Great Options to Please a Man



To please a guy, there are a few things to know that can make a difference. In the following lines, we will review everything you need to know to please a man you like, so that he wants to seduce you. So many girls find it difficult to really understand men in order to be able to seduce them easily. So how to please a man sexually?

And most of them are foolishly waiting, hoping that one day the guy in question will change his mind. The problem is that if you do nothing more than what you are doing now, nothing will change. If you want to stay in the situation you are in now, and then do nothing.

Let’s start with the first lever:

To please men, show yourself pretty:

  • Don’t hide your face girls, we all know that the physical plays a crucial role when it comes to pleasing a man.
  • A beautiful body, a beautiful face, sexy clothes. So many ways to seduce the man we like.
  • Let’s review the different aspects of your physique and how you can optimize them:


We all know that beautiful shapes are an asset not to be overlooked. Do not panic: it is not at all necessary to have the breasts redone or to give you injections I do not know where. A flat stomach, beautiful legs and beautiful buttocks are your best asset. And for that, it is not complicated: you just have to follow some nutrition and bodybuilding advice (bodybuilding does not mean becoming huge or muscular like a guy, it is a myth). Go take a look at their advice, they are worth gold. The use of Role play sex also works perfectly.


We are not teaching you anything: a sexy style of clothing can make a man go crazy.

Do not panic: it is not a question of being vulgar (even if it proves effective), but simply of adopting an elegant style which highlights your assets.

The hair:

Beautiful hair is an asset to please a man. Long, silky hair is a symbol of femininity, so put the odds on your side). By looking a little on the web, you will find lots of useful tips for maintaining your hair.

The skin:

  • If you have acne problems (as was my case a few years ago), consult a dermatome (or wait a little, especially if you are still in the middle of puberty).

Obviously, makeup can save you. But of course you shouldn’t bet everything on it.


Makeup can do wonders. Of course, there are mistakes that should not be made and should not be abused. Learn how to wear makeup in a sexy way while remaining relatively subtle. You will find lots of tips by looking a little on the web. That’s it for the first lever.

Let’s move on to the second lever:

To please men, take care of your manners:

By behaving in a haphazard fashion, so many pretty girls kill the desire they had aroused at the beginning. Too bad. Let’s review everything you can do to put the odds on your side of that side:

Be feminine:

Feminine already means not being rude. Girls spoil while being rude in their language and their manners. They chain bad words, insults, burps, and so on. A little outfit, please. It can ruin everything with a guy.