How Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay For Rehab?


Starting from the bottom of what Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover when it comes to substance abuse treatment can be challenging. Mostly, all of the BCBS insurance plans include treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, but the pay of coverage for rehab depends on your policy.

Different states have different parameters for what things are covered by insurance and in what amount, including they offer a range of policies that vary from state to state. In this segment, we are going to acquire certain useful information regarding blue cross blue shield substance abuse providers and how to utilize Blue Cross coverage insurance. 

Do You Know The BCBS Plans?

Generally, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a number of plans which satisfy every individual and family. You probably know that each plan offers different levels of coverage when compared with others. Depending on your state of residence, you have an option to choose it. Here are some of the individual and family plans are offered by BCBS: 

Bronze plan: You can expect up to 60% of your rehab expenses covered. It has the lowest monthly payment, albeit with higher deductibles. 

Silver plan: Cover up to 70% of your rehab expenses. Here monthly fees are higher when compared to the bronze plan. 

Gold plan: In this plan, monthly fees are higher and deductibles lower. Provide coverage for up to 80% of your treatment expenses. 

Platinum plan: This plan covers about 90% of your rehab expense. Deductibles are the lowest with this plan but the most expensive monthly payment. 

The above-mentioned options with health insurance can help cover the cost of treatment and allow families to focus on assisting their addicted loved one in healing. Explore the various things about how to connect your family member with the treatment which they need to overcome addiction. Finally, being a new healthy life in recovery.