How to Apply for a Credit Card?


More than 61 million credit cards were issued in India in January 2021 as opposed to 56 million at the same time in 2020, making them a preferred mode of payment. And why not? Having a credit card gives you the financial freedom to up your spending limit without having to pay in cash. 

You can make purchases that you have been putting on the backburner for long without having to make payment upfront. Rather, you can choose to pay later in easy EMIs as per your convenience. Not only this, but you also get exclusive benefits such as discounts and offers on shopping, eating out, flight tickets, and fuel purchase as well as cash backs. 

How to Apply for a Credit Card

You can easily apply for a credit card available on Finserv MARKETS online in a few simple steps, even if you are doing so for the first time. All you need to do is visit the official website and enter your details and other contact information. Take a look at the various credit cards offered by banks and compare the features and benefits. 

Now, choose a credit card that suits your spending habits and would offer you maximum advantage. Once you have zeroed upon the credit card you want, fill out the application form. You will be offered credit instantly upon verification of your details and approval of your application. 

Credit Card Login Process

Once a credit card is issued to you, you will need to complete the net banking registration process. This is essential for you to make use of the credit card login facility that lets you know the total, utilized as well as remaining credit in your account. You also view unbilled transactions and your credit history as well as block your card and send other service requests. 

-Go to the credit card net banking page of your bank and click on ‘sign up’

-Fill in the information required

– An OTP is sent to your registered mobile number for verification

– Validate and press’ continue’

– Enter a strong IPIN for your credit card login and press submit

 Once you are registered for net banking, you can initiate a credit card login anytime by entering your credit card customer ID or your user ID and the IPIN. 

Features & Benefits

The most important benefit that a credit card offers you is the convenience of payment without worrying about the money in your savings account. Simply make a purchase and it is converted into a pocket-friendly EMI depending on the interest charged by the bank, the tenure chosen by you, and any down payment that you make. 

Each credit card offers reward points for spends, say for shopping online for your favorite brands or, payment of utility bills, etc as well as a welcome bonus for first-time credit card users. You can also redeem these points and get a discount on fuel surcharge, purchase movie tickets, or gift coupons for your loved ones. 

If you are a frequent traveler, you have a good reason to apply for a credit card. It can give you access to domestic and international airport lounges to relax and enjoy the complimentary services offered. Also, regular and timely payment of your bills after you apply for a credit card can boost your credit score, making you a favorable candidate to lenders if you require a loan in the future. 

Additionally, with the credit card login facility, you can pay your bills online without any additional charges saving time visiting the bank. Credit card login ensures the security and safety of your financial transactions and protects you from online fraud as well.


So, choose from a range of credit cards available on Finserv MARKETS to address your lifestyle needs such as refueling, traveling, and shopping today to save more as you get added rewards and offers. You can also get a personal loan along with the facility of easy cash withdrawal at your convenience as added benefits.