How To Detail A Car Interior


As a portable car detailer or even car wash proprietor, cleaning the surface, a car is what most organizations give attention. But a growing number of folks are searching for an outdoor wash and a detailed inside clean. Upholstery, rugs, dashboards, doors, and the center console further demand cleaning maintenance to retain a vehicle in top condition. CarCosmic provides automotive detailing tools.

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It is a rundown of just the way a Company can Offer a detailed interior car wash:

Gather different Interior Car Cleaning Equipment

  • Steam vapor cleaner along with even some steam vapor/ vacuum cleaner (that should be Your Primary car cleaning machine)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Tools and accessories put on an own steam cleaning system, like a steam lance, separate surface heads, e.g. leather detergent cleaner, vacuum thoughts, etc.


  • Remove flooring mats and steam/vacuum.
  • The vacuum that the mat, upholstery, floor, chairs, dashboard, and back.
  • Wash from the top. As an instance, begin with the trunk of chairs and work your way down.
  • Crevice applications effectively access tight areas like between chairs and around the gas & brake pedals.
  • Proceed front chairs just two Approaches to wash floors


  • Steam vapour clean air vents and dash – note; utilize gentle steam vapour from the respectable car cleansing equipment corporation that guides that their equipment is not safe to use around electronic equipment.
  • Steam clean trims and doorway crevices.

Steam vapor Cleansing

  • Utilize a minimal moisture vapor to cleanse and deodorize upholstery and leather completely thoroughly.

Wipe Away

  • Following steam vapour cleaning, then work with a microfibre cloth to wash out any residue. But if you’re employing minimal moisture steam, around 5% moisture content, there ought to be quite minimal water straightened.
  • You might state leather chairs a short while later if appropriate.
  • To thoroughly wash out the inner of mirrors and windows, work with a steam vapor cleaning system, as well as the right squeegee tool or microfibre cloth.

To learn more about interior car cleaning equipment or steam vapour, see our dedicated car cleaning equipment page.