Dice Games and its types


Casinos offer a lot of games, each varying from one another. It will be almost impossible for any player to play all the casino games available online. Some games require a fair amount of skills while some are dependent on luck. Some games are played using cards while some are played using dice. 

Dice games are very common in casinos. Dice games are a genre that is played with dice. The number of dice may vary from game to game. These games are based on luck and you may end up winning big if you are lucky enough. They are very exciting and thrilling too. Different varieties of games are available in different parts of the world and you can choose them depending on your choice. You can visit any situs Judi online to play these games.


In dice games, you will find many few games which are either are either very similar to each other or are completely different. The popularly played dice games include craps, French Bank, Dice Poker, Under and over seven, and many more.  

  • Craps

Craps is the most popularly played dice game that you will find in all casinos. Craps offer one of the best odds in any game of a casino. It involves cards as well. The cards are dealt with every player and dice are drawn. This game requires some strategies as well as some luck.

  • Dice Poker

Dice poker is the amalgamation of the excitement of dice games and the strategic mindset of poker. This game is also very exciting and is inspired by poker.

  • French Bank: 

French Bank traces its origin back to Portugal. Generally, there are three dices in this game and you can make bets on each of the bets. The bets are named High, Low, and Aces.

  • Under and Over Seven: 

Under and Over Seven is simper to the other games on the list. The main goal of this game is to predict the sum of the two dice and guess whether the sum will be equal to or less than seven. The players who predict it correctly win some rewards.


Dice games are mostly dependent on luck. There are very few skills or knowledge required to master the game. You can commonly get dice games in any situs Judi online and choose the most appropriate dice game for yourself.