How To Tell Your Automatic Door Needs Repair


Automatic doors make our lives more convenient, but for business owners or building managers they can sometimes become a bit of a headache. Whether it’s lack of maintenance, simple aging or something breaking, automatic doors all need repair at some point. Here are some ways to tell if your door needs professional attention. 

Slow Opening

One of the most common reasons for automatic door repair New York buildings experience is slow response time. If the door opens slowly enough that someone walking in has to stop or walk very slowly for the door to open, the door needs some attention. Sometimes cleaning the sensor with a bit of rubbing alcohol, but if that doesn’t work, it’s time to contact a repair service.   

Rough Movement

The door should open smoothly in a straight line. If it exhibits any wobbling or creaking noises, it may need some lubrication. In other cases, the alignment may be off. In this case, the track or some of the rollers may have reached the end of their lives and require replacement. 


Doors should be well-sealed. If they aren’t, leaking airflow from either direction is making your heat and air conditioning work harder to keep the building temperature stable. The most common explanation is that the door gaskets are old and the seal is breaking because they’re becoming dried out. 

Excessive Noise

You shouldn’t hear much, if any noise resulting from operation of your automatic doors. It can often be easy to overlook or downplay, but leaving a noisy door alone will only result in premature wear and possible failure. 

Taking good care of your doors by performing periodic checks and scheduling any necessary maintenance is the best way to avoid the need for frequent repairs. That said, you still need a trustworthy repair service on hand in case something goes wrong.