Ingenious ideas for kitchen tiles


I’m not going to try and sugarcoat this but the kitchen is one place that bears the brunt of stains. It could be bubbling milk in a teapot or a food blender explosion. Cooking is such that however innocuous the incident, on a daily basis, it can become a tedious affair to clean. As such, it’s crucial that the material that goes into the making of the kitchen is low-maintenance and hassle-free. It could be the walls, the floor or the backsplash. The best feature of any tile is its ability to resist stains and damage.

Kitchens automatically calls for heavy traffic, spills, stains, and chipping. It’s one of the most active zones in the house.  Some tiles like ceramic are versatile, offering the best of both worlds. They are beautiful, come in a large range of styles, colors, and patterns, and are highly durable. Owing to the wide variety of styles, it is easy to come across the perfect tile that will effortlessly blend in with the existing décor, be it the countertop or kitchen cabinets.

Ceramic tiles are both affordable and can be personalized to your liking.Ceramique au Sommet tiles in Montreal offer a surplus option of tiles, for both kitchen and bathroom alike. They can also be painted upon to offer a distinct look. Nevertheless, grout lines have to be particularly cleaned on a regular basis, or it could stick out like a sore thumb.

Backsplashes are essentially panels of tiles on the wall, specifically behind the cooking stove or sink. It has the primary function of shielding the wall from unwarranted stains. They are becoming quite the trend these days, with more and more decorative pieces hitting the market. You could turn it into a fun project that will significantly enhance the appearance of your kitchen. They come in all kinds of finishes like metallic tile, glass, or mosaics. Get creative and go all out! You can add a dash of color or shine, depending on what you choose.

Tiles have evolved tremendously over the course of time. Geometric shapes are a thing of the past now, with contemporary art designs and intricate detailing taking its place. Stone gives it that extravagant look, while clay tiles have several utilitarian principles. There’s a lot to process but revamping your kitchen space has never been so much fun! It could be an enthralling DIY project.