Is it safe to serve protein milk to the children?

Is it safe to serve protein milk to the children

The protein supplements or protein powders offer more and more protein for the children. It can interfere in the process of calcium absorption. Moreover, it may lead to problems in various organs of the body, such as the liver and kidneys. Research also says that excessive animal protein in babyhood can develop the probability of obesity.

Major ingredients of protein powder

There are many sweeteners included in the protein powder after protein. Protein powders contain proteins that are extracted from plants such as peas, rice, soybeans, and hemp. Artificial flavours, sugar, vitamins, and thickeners are some other ingredients of protein powders. Instead of serving protein-powdered milk, you can serve other drinks to your kids, such as junior Horlicks, as the added sugar and other artificial elements may not suit thechild.

When should these supplements be concerned?

It makes no sense of providing the child protein powder without any paediatrician or a medical practitioner’s suggestions. If your doctor says yes to protein powders, then it is great to follow the advice. Paediatrician often recommends the kids to add more protein-based foodstuff before choosing a specific protein powder. The age factor furtherplays a key character in protein consumption.

Other supplements such as Horlicks can be included in the kid’s diet without the suggestion of a medical practitioner.

What are its adverse effects?

Protein powders are responsible for many side effects such as dehydration, organ damage, and weak immunity. Due to the sweet taste of the protein powder, the kids may lose interest in having other healthy foods. While selecting a protein powder or supplement from the store, it is important to check the labels. Most of the protein powders are not FDA regulated; that is why you must have the habit of reading labels.