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We love themed nights you too? Then don’t miss our ideas for a children’s party dedicated to animated buses from the moviebuses. You remember? A film that has been appreciated by young and old alike and serves as the main theme for an unforgettable party. In as we offer some great ideas to decorate your house in the style of the movie and your table with the tastiest sweets. Take note of our ideas on how to have a themed bus party. Buckle up, because it’s coming.

The steps to follow:

Before you start decorating your home, there is one thing you can’t miss to make sure all the guests come to your party. Of course, we are talking about the invitations. To throw a really special theme party onbuses, try designing your own invitations. Do not complicate your life too much and cut out colored cards with the silhouette of a car. But if it’s more convenient, you can always buy cards and invitations in specialty stores.

Another important detail is the decoration of the children’s festival. Do you remember the main characters from the film? Find out in party stores and children’s stores, as you will certainly find all kinds of decorative items there such as posters, stickers, posters, balloons and all kinds of other cool items. Of course, the bus theme cannot be missing at your party. You can make use of the Limo Bus Toronto also for a perfect time there.

How to Throw a Theme Party About buses

It organizes activities and workshops which are related to the Theme Party on buses and adapted to the age of the guests. Film shows, dances, workshops, bus races, drawings of the characters from the film… Do you need ideas? Next, write down our tips on how to draw Lightning McQueen.

How to Throw a Theme Party on buses

And so that our guests can enjoy our bus Themed Children’s Party and don’t forget to decorate your table with plastic napkins, plates and glasses dedicated to the characters from the movie. And of course, don’t forget the desserts too! You can order a buses cake or pie from a bakery or try to make them yourself.

The organization of children’s parties must be adapted to the age of the children. Forget about games organized before 2 years old, children are too young to participate. From the age of 2 you can organize simple group games such as bowling. But don’t forget that at this age children need to be supervised, so don’t hesitate to get help.

From the age of 9, let go of games and think of pajama parties, pizza parties, swimming pools or afternoon or late afternoon “booms”.

Make a schedule

Egg race to organize for a children’s party2/3 months in advance: Select a room or a facilitator if you call on a third party.

3/4 weeks in advance: Make the guest list, make the invitation cards and send them. List the games and activities. List the supplies needed. Find someone to help you if you need it.

1 week in advance: Order the cake if you don’t do it yourself or buy all you need for the cake and its decoration. Call back the guests to find out their number. Prepare the accessories for games or activities (prepare the bowling pins, prepare the decoration, prepare visors, gift bags). Buy and prepare gifts for the guests. Plan how the party will unfold. The program will never be respected, but it’s reassuring to know what to do!