Mark Roemer Looks at The Best YouTube Channels for Learning to Code



New technologies and languages to code are being released ever so often. As a programmer, you need to keep yourself updated in that ever-growing field to keep an edge over the competition for better employment or freelance gigs. According to Mark Roemer, YouTube is one of the best learning resources and that holds true for coding as well. Here are a few of the best YouTube Channels for learning to code:

The Channels

  1. TheNewBoston – The channel is one of the best sources of coding tutorials and is a rich resource that covers a wide array of programming languages. It was founded by Bucky Rogers and has curated playlists for everything from Python and Django to Angular JS and React JS. It has helped millions of aspiring coders over the years and that is quite evident as it has over 2 million subscribers and around half a billion views. 
  2. ProgrammingKnowledge – If you want to improve upon your web development skills, subscribe to Programming Knowledge and join its million-strong notification squad. The channel also has high-quality tutorials for both front end and back end coding languages like Swift, Python, Ruby, and many more. 
  3. Derek Banas – As the name suggests, the channel is owned by Derek Banas who has developed a strong community with over 1000 videos over the years. The channel is very active with new videos on programming every week and the content is mostly community-driven. Derek posts polls at his forum, NewThinkTank and on YouTube to choose the next topic for his video. 
  4. Programming with Mosh – If you want extensive knowledge not just about programming languages, but also about emerging trends in web technologies then this is the channel to subscribe. Mosh even has videos that can extend to a few hours to explain complicated topics and threads in detail. If you have the thirst for knowledge and have patience, Mosh’s informative content won’t disappoint you.  
  5. – While Mosh covers topics in detail, is renowned for its quick tutorials that would introduce you to web development and fuel your hunger for the subject even further. Apart from quick tutorials, the channel also has everything you want to know about web development, from elementary HTML and CSS to Server Administration and Deployment Strategies. 
  6. DesignCourse – Gary has condensed over a decade of experience to create this channel and educates you about topics related to Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, and more. He has an impressive portfolio with names like and LinkedIn Learning that justifies his effective and fabulous tutorials. The best thing about his videos is that his graphic designing creativity flourishes in his videos and makes even boring topics colorful enough to grab your attention.


Mark Roemer believes that you are a student who is stuck in perpetual learning if you are a professional coder or aspire to be one. Check out these amazing YouTube channels to brush up on your coding knowledge.