Mini Metro APK


Mini Metro apk is one of the best awardswinning and nominated Android game apk. The best subway simulating Android game. Most importantly there are no ads and in-app purchases. However, you have to buy this game in order to install. You many know many paid apps and game have ads. When compared with other paid games, this is far better option to choose.

If you have AC Market you can freely download and install this game. AC Market is also like Google play store. There are many differences compared to play store. You can download any game or app for free using AC Market. AC Market has modded Android apps and games for free. Modded apps and games will feature ad removal, unlock features and many more.

Mini Metro Android Game

This game is about designing a subway map in a growing city. When city grows it need complex subway to run trains on each and every city. So, designing those maps are not as easy you think. You have to draw lines to connect stations when new stations appear on map. Remember you can redraw already drawn lines. Redrawing is essential to make subway map more efficient. You can’t draw lines as much as you want. There is resource limit. So, be wise enough to use those resources for maximum efficiency. Wrong moves or lines will cause city workflow to stop. Your skills will decide how long your city will run. Have fun with this awesome game.

Features of Mini Metro APK

– City growth is random. So, you won’t be able to find any pattern of city growing. That make each and every game play unique and interesting.

– There are about 20 real cities to try. Build you subway map around those real 20 real work cities.

– There are 3 types of modes as normal, Endless or Extreme and creative. Normal mode for short and quick sessions. You can choose Endless to relax or extreme for ultimate or hardest challenges. Creative mode allows you to build your city exactly how you want. Try your creativity skills with this creative mode.

– You can challenge with other online players using daily challenges.

Above listed only few features of this game. You can download this game from AC Market and enjoy this awesome game. This game has 4.5 user ratings on play store. This game offered by Dinosaur polo club. You will receive updates unlike many other games. Make sure to install those updates to get new features and improvements pushed to this game by developers.

There is one major common issue with mini metro apk. Sometimes you won’t hear sound tracks when using Bluetooth headphones. This issue only available of some of the Bluetooth headphones. Not all types. If you experience this issue you can use another headphone or try using phone speakers.