Preserving Beautiful Memories Through Canvas Prints



How many photos are saved on your smartphone? One or two of the photos can likely be immortalized by Blue Horizon prints so that you display them on the wall of your home or office. Choose the photos that have special meaning like the fun times with the family or the breath-taking view you captured during one of your travels. 

What is a canvas print?

The favourite digital image on your smartphone will be printed on canvas and then stretched or gallery-wrapped on a frame. Inkjet printing is a common process used to reproduce photographic images. Large format printers can reproduce digital photographs, artworks, and paintings on canvas that measures 1.5 meters or more. Single oversized canvas prints are perfect for a large wall with lots of empty spaces. 

Canvas prints as the best option for your walls

  • Photographs that are printed on canvas are timeless and classic to compliment any kind of home decor. You can change the interior design from traditional to modern contemporary but the beauty of the Blue Horizon prints will always compliment the design chosen. 
  • Paintings and artwork sold in art galleries are very expensive. A canvas print that has the same size as a painting is more affordable. You can have a large scale canvas print to cover the wall for a fraction of the cost of a painting. You can enjoy your art without putting a dent in your pocket. 
  • Glare or reflection occurs on smooth surfaces where all the light bounces off in the same direction. Photographs that have been printed on glossy paper and framed behind glass have a shiny finish that minimizes the appreciation for the image. Since canvas has a satin matte finish, it can be used even in brightly lit rooms. 
  • Photos look good on canvas whether displayed on a frame or gallery-wrapped. Portraits, family pictures, and landscape photos are brought to life when printed on canvas. However, it is not economically feasible to use an oversized frame for a landscape. Besides that, a frame will be too heavy to hang on the wall. 
  • You have the option to choose between the framed or frameless canvas print. A framed canvas print has a more traditional look particularly if you pay attention to the frame used. Frameless of gallery-wrapped canvas prints are stretched on stretcher bars that are strong enough to provide support even without a frame. A well-constructed frame is very unlikely to warp or bow off the wall. 
  • Printing your favourite images on canvas is the most ideal way to preserve them for the next generation. When you hang the canvas print on your wall, it will always remind you of the precious moment captured by the camera.