Scope of Engineering in Today’s Technical World


An engineering degree is one of the oldest of streams available around the world. It boosts your employability regardless of the industry you work in with a very strong demand for graduates in the market globally. The widely transferable problem solving and analytical skills of the engineering students mean that their career can be diverse and wide-ranging. As in any graduate degree, the first step towards a successful engineering career is to get admission to a top-tier institute. Look no further than Bennett University Admission 2020. The interdisciplinary university is a private sector institute established in the year 2016 by the Times of India Group in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The university has a mutual agreement with international universities such as Georgia Institute of Technology (US), Cornell University Law School (US) among others for designing the curriculum, organizing guest lectures by visiting faculty and other academic support.

How ToGet Admission In The Best Institutes?

An engineering entrance exam will be the window through which candidates can get into the course. IIT-JEE is the biggest engineering test in the country in which is accepted by all the top engineering institutes. The application form is floated by institutes that need to be filled by the candidates with accurate details such as educational qualification details, marks, etc. within a specific deadline. Bennett University Admission 2020 applications will be available on the institute website. The institute accepts JEE Main scores for Engineering admission.

Why Engineering?

Many students wonder whether they should opt for Engineering after completing their high school. Here are some of the reasons why one should definitely pursue Engineering.

  1. It brings prestige: Being one of the oldest of trades known to mankind, Engineering is a highly prestigious degree. People see Engineers at a higher level as everybody knows the effort required to qualify as an Engineer.
  2. Professional Success: An Engineer is known to have great logical thinking and critical analysis skills. They have good decision-making skills which allow them to be more objective and less emotional when it comes to important tasks at work. All these skills set them up for professional success no matter the sector or profile.
  3. Financial Security: Most of the educational portals, blogs and others rate Engineering as one of the top-paid undergraduate programs. About 40% of the top-paid majors’ lists consist of Engineering programs with the most prominent ones being chemical engineering, computer science engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear engineering, and petroleum engineering.

Fees Structure for the Engineering Course:

As it is such a high-profile degree, Engineering also needs a high rate of investments. Bennett University Fees stands at about ₹14 lakhs for the whole duration of 4 years of the course. The university conducts job fairs where various top companies hire graduates for profiles with well-paid packages. The average package is of about ₹6 lakhs as of 2019-2020 which is excellent in the case of an undergraduate course. Students also get to participate in Internship programs to get first-hand industry experience before stepping into the field. They also get to meet with industry experts through various sessions arranged by the university. The university also maintains a very good alumni network which ensures good placements for the students. Various scholarships are also available based on factors such as merit, family income, etc. through which students can obtain concessions in the Bennett University Fees.

Importance of Techies in Real World:

The history of the human race is a testament to the hard work of the Engineers. We are becoming more and more dependent on technology as time passes which makes the Engineers who create these technologies equally important. There is no country in the world today that does not adopt Engineering at some level. Engineering and Engineers have an impact on almost all fields including Agriculture, Education and Healthcare sectors. Engineers do not believe in sitting idle and watching the change rather they make the change happen. Using new ideas and creative thinking, they are impacting the world unlike any other.

In a world that is highly dependent on advanced technology, engineers are significant to bring ideas into reality. By applying the principles of mathematics and science, only engineers are able to put forward solutions to the biggest technical issues in today’s world.