Problems with Document Translation Services in Dubai


Some entrepreneurs think that translating a text is a very simple practice… This view changes when the problems of “poorly done work” start to appear! 

The translation of documents requires seriousness and even with so much technological and media apparatus available today, the action has to be done by Translation Dubai. Otherwise, you could get complicated when closing an international contract. 

But not only that. Not having a specialized team to assist you in translation can also result in a large number of offended consumers and even a drop in sales.

Some translation errors can become a joke for some, but the impact on companies goes far beyond this grace – it can confuse potential customers, too; and that means the failure to consolidate the brand. 

In fact, there are those who say that translation errors resulted in major world wars … But that is a matter for historians. Now, let’s talk about some problems that happen in companies that do not consider a serious translation.

Problems that happen when translation is not taken seriously

At the beginning of this article we said that it is only when problems arise that entrepreneurs and managers begin to give due attention to document translation, right? 

You can avoid these mistakes, after all, nobody needs to go through a problem to know how much it can influence (negatively) the company’s numbers. 

Below we list some of the many reasons that prove how correctly translating a file is important for business growth. Read it now.

Financial losses

The first problem that can happen is the financial loss. 

Let’s assume that after a conversation, your company’s board of directors has received a contract that is in another language. 

Do you really think it is feasible to do the translation based on programs that are available on the internet? 

A mistake, however small, could be fatal. 

And in terms of values, a comma could mean loss rather than profit.

Low Sales

To demonstrate how errors in translation can mean a drop in sales, let’s imagine a website that is initially in its original language. With internationalization, the portal will need to be translated. 

Now, if this is not done correctly, the website (which is the window of your business) may not have the sales you wanted. 

Meaningless phrases and descriptions that do not relate to the image can make the internet users give up buying on the spot – even more so in a digital world where competition is so great.

Consolidation Failure

Still considering the example above, let’s imagine that your new international website has received a business proposal for a possible partnership. 

So, if you translate the document in the wrong way, you may miss the chance to consolidate yourself in the foreign market due to a simple translation failure.

Operating manuals

Operating manuals are important not only to describe the products sold by a company, but also to write the rules that employees need to follow in a standardized way internally. 

The more agile and secure this adaptation of the company’s manuals and courses is, the faster the establishment of branches or branches will be, which makes the profit appear more soon as well. 

This is the type of service can only be done by a qualified professional.

Company’s image

Nowadays it is not uncommon to find stories of translation errors that have even resulted in deaths. 

One of the last cases happened at a drug manufacturer that mistakenly translated the dosage of the medication. But, let’s not stick to telling the whole story, the idea is just to talk about the importance of reliable translation. 

As a result, regulatory agencies began to look more closely at the materials of these companies and, as a result, many translations were rejected. 

This action may seem harmless, but it compromises the entire image of the company, which needs to spend millions of dollars to develop a product, like a medicine. 

Everything ends up being impractical due to the wrong translation.

Therefore, every document has to be viewed in a qualified way, in order to reach the well-being of its readers, without any nuances between the lines or ambiguities.

The issue of confidentiality

This is an important point because it has to do precisely with the confidential documents that will be transferred from one company to another – and competitors cannot know (nor the press). 

Therefore, putting a document to be translated into free programs on the internet can be a big risk. 

Another option would be to ask a “worker” of the company “who is good at languages” to translate the document, but that work might not be done properly. This is because this employee does not, in most cases, have a technical apparatus. 

A professional translator needs to have specific studies and courses to work in this area and this gives the necessary security to ensure that such files are kept in complete confidentiality.

How to avoid these problems?

Translating a document is much more difficult than people think – forget this idea of ​​throwing everything on Google Translate even though it doesn’t take into account the cultural aspects of language addictions, which need to be taken into account. 

The ideal is to have a perfect translation of documents … And that has to do with those texts that we do not realize have been translated. 

Every action needs planning and in the case of translations it is recommended to have a specialized team to do the work, regardless of the material featured, which may be documents, websites, ads or other materials. 

To avoid future problems, don’t try to do everything yourself – it won’t save you money, unlike what many people think.

A very common misconception is to use software that automatically develop content for an external audience. 

For the entrepreneur, taking translation seriously can represent an exponential gain in several areas, such as customer loyalty and increased sales. This goes beyond saving money … It can be translated as “making money”! 

In fact, a translation can cost more than money.