Property and the Sales Tax


It occurs when there is a useful domain or ownership of the property located outside the urban perimeter of the municipality. The taxpayers of this tax may be the owner of the property (both individuals and legal entities), the holder of its useful domain, or even its owner in any capacity.The proceeds of its collection, which is the responsibility of the Union, belong to the municipalities in whose territory the property is located to finance the costs of land reform.

How to calculate

The calculation basis is the value of the land without any kind of improvement or improvement (including plantations) the so-called ‘bare land’. Unlike the IPTU, which is launched by city halls, it is up to the rural owner to register the value of his property in the ITR: he pays on top of what he declares – the completed form is similar to that of the Income Tax. The money collected from the ITR declaration is passed on to the municipality, according to an agreement signed between the municipality and the Federal Revenue Service.

The rate used to calculate the ITR is established for each rural property, based on its total area and the respective degree of use. To calculate sales tax you need the best online options now.

Import Tax

It is a tax on the importation of foreign goods and on the luggage of travelers who come from abroad. The taxpayer is the importer.

The function of the II is purely economic, or regulatory. For this reason, the Constitution provided that this tax does not have to comply with the principle of priority: changes in the rates may apply for the same financial year (year) in which the law that increased it was published. The Export Tax, the Tax on Financial Operations, the Extraordinary War Tax and the Tax on Industrialized Products follow the same line.

The Import Tax is calculated on the customs value – calculated in the manner provided for in the Implementation Agreement, which has the status of a law and establishes the fundamental rules on customs valuation in Brazil – with variable rates.

Export Tax

It is what affects the departure of national products from Brazilian territory. The export tax is not subject to the principle of priority and can be changed in the same financial year.

The Export Tax is charged with a fiscal and regulatory function, not only to the extent that it lends itself to the collection, but also according to the variation of its rates, to the discipline of the export flow. The net revenue from the tax is used to set up monetary reserves.

How to calculate

The rate of the Export Tax is 30%, allowing the Executive Branch to reduce or increase it, to meet the objectives of foreign exchange and foreign trade policy. In the event of an increase, the tax rate may not exceed 150%.