Sewage Backup – Is It Preventable?


At some point, drains and sewage are going to back up. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to know some tips. If you have problems, you will need to call a 24-hour plumber.

Grease: One of the main reasons sewage can back up is because of too much grease. After you are done cooking, you should let the grease cool down and then dispose of it in a trashcan and not the sink. Once the grease cools down it will harden, and this can cause clogs as well.

Solids: Toilet paper and your solid waste should be the only thing you are putting down your pipes. You shouldn’t attempt to flush hygiene products, makeup, or used up diapers that won’t dissolve in water. These items can get stuck and cause issues.

Wipes: A big problem is wipes, even those that claim to be flushable. It’s best to play it safe since wipes can still get stuck if you overuse them.

Hair: Hair can’t get down the drain. When you are in the shower, there is hair that falls out and it’s best to have a catcher on the drain in order to block this, so it doesn’t clog the drain.

Trees: This may sound weird at first since you likely aren’t putting trees down your drain. However, invading tree roots can damage your pipes and drainage system. Have an arborist take a look at your outdoor trees if you think you may have a problem.

Contacting a 24-Hour Plumber

Even though you are doing what you can to prevent a sewage backup, you may still have damage. If you aren’t careful, you could have a failed sump pump and lawn that is flooded. You also run the risk of water damage to the home. Have a plumber on standby to prevent too much damage.