Signs You May Have Diabetes


Do you know how to tell if you have diabetes? Most of the early symptoms include higher levels of glucose in your blood. In some cases, the warning signs are so mild that they go unnoticed, especially if you are dealing with type 2 diabetes.

Understanding the early signs of diabetes will help you know when it is time to seek diabetes care Chicago IL. Keep reading to learn what some of the signs are.

Fatigue and Hunger

Your body works to convert the food you eat into glucose. This glucose is then used by your cells as a source of energy. However, your cells also need insulin to process the glucose. If you are not producing enough (or any) insulin, the cells may resist the insulin the body makes, which means glucose isn’t processed, and you have no energy. In many situations, this makes you more tired and hungrier than usual.

Higher Levels of Thirst and Increase Urination

Most people will pee four to seven hours in 24 hours. However, people who are dealing with diabetes tend to do this more often. This is because the body will usually reabsorb glucose as it moves through your kidneys. However, when diabetes causes your blood sugar to rise, the kidneys may not be able to bring it back in. This can result in your body producing more urine, which requires fluids. This means you will be going more often. Since you pee more, you are also much thirstier. Drinking more also leads to more fluids and more urination.

If you suspect you have diabetes, it is best to talk to speak to your doctor for a test. This will let you know what steps you need to take to help ensure that you restore your health and minimize any issues that may arise.