The key thing to understand here is that the pilot is operating in half of the allowable margin on the other hand if we talk technically Sigma is a letter in the Greek alphabet that in terms of statistics means standard deviation. We will collect more ideas about the workings statuses of the building framework and thereby make plans side by side to make out most benefits of the program or channel the activities of the working place to get a bigger framework analysis . In today’s highly competitive business environment the company leadership faces a number of challenges this slide touches upon some of these challenges.

One of the most unavoidable aspect of the methodology is the basic rule to focus on the primary goal that is to produce the best products as per the need of the user or the end customerwhich is in turn related to the main issue of satisfying customer, as the expectations of customers increase the companies have to use the latest available technology to meet the demands quicker a lesser price and meeting the specific needs of individual customers to meet. For these challenges companies need dedicated employees retaining the best employees is a challenge for the companies.

Six Sigma is actually a very efficiently organized technique to make sure that the facilities used are the required tools to satisfy the conditions of the same . This will help in producing beneficial ways to make the most of the outcomes that will be provided in accordance with the basic framework of the same . The financial benefits from the project are calculated, there is a reward and recognition system to motivate, these are some of the gains achieved from implementing Six Sigma.

Six Sigma has three different meanings as a statistical tool it focuses on maintaining three point four defects per million opportunities as a process it focuses on DMAIC approach of process improvement. DMACC or DMAIC means define measure analyze improve and control. 

You can say for any program to be successful the role of top management is undeniably important having said that the question arises ‘What should management do to drive Six Sigma in the organization?’ 

The most vital aspect of Six Sigma can be to enhance the various development processes so as to ensure some bigger advantages after the safe conclusion of the project . 

Once the management has decided to implement Six Sigma in the organization these are the key issues they need to consider ‘What should be the rate of implementation?’, ‘How will it fit into their existing program?,’ ‘How will it be controlled and monitored?’

To be precise with the working techniques one can assure that the best is provided by the Six Sigma where as the same Six Sigma is also responsible for higher career options provided by the fact the customers or candidates have an extensive idea on how to deal with the management of the process as well as the solutions to any such rising risks . The main focus is turned towards the working principles that can be managed as well as handled to monitor and control all the main points of a project that can be enhanced with ease by taking the help and guidance of the Six Sigma technologies as well as facilities . This makes sure that the customers as well as the working staff are well in touch with the methodology of the Six Sigma and requires no additional training to enhance their skills or activities . In such cases ,  one can try to define the aims as well as objectives in their own way just to build or create easier paths 

In the equation y equals FX (y) is the output and X are inputs in data driven approach you observe the effect of process inputs on the process outputs in real analysis of ‘y’ or the end outcome may be just the produced object or the positive feedback given by the user for a better relationship status between them both for future deals . This output depends on number of inputs or X to learn here is to solve a problem you work on the root causes and not on the symptoms.