The Best Time to Sell and Buy Diamonds



Seasonality matters in jewelry. Customers tend to buy jewelry around a period of celebration and major holidays. Certain dates are best for selling at a diamond pawn shop since the pawn shop is looking to meet demand.

Selling at a Diamond Pawn Shop

Valentine’s Day: The run up to Valentine’s Day is important in the diamond business. Many people will buy pieces in January and early February so it’s best to start early if you are looking.

Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May and many people like to get their loved one a piece of jewelry for the holiday. Sell gems in March or April before the rush begins.

Graduation Season: Many parents will want to give their graduate a present that reflects the world they are entering, which is diamonds.

Shopping begins in May and June. If you want to sell your diamonds during this time, do so beforehand in order to capitalize on the demand.

The Winter Holiday Season: There are several different holidays that take place in November and December and winter is considered one of the most in-demand seasons to sell your diamonds. Get ahead of the crowds and begin selling in early November to get the most bang for your buck.

Before selling diamonds at a diamond pawn shop, it helps to know what is in style. The shape of your diamond could also determine how much you get for it. Unusual or fancy shapes may get you more than the popular shape at the moment.

Color diamonds could also be in high demand at certain periods. Blue, yellow, and pink diamonds change in value based on what is currently popular. Large diamonds can be easier to sell but smaller diamonds are usually sold more based on trends.