The Importance Of Hiring Los Angeles Wedding Video


Probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make when organizing a wedding is to concentrate all your efforts on choosing the best photographer (undoubtedly one of the most decisive decisions) and, at the same time, to discard the wedding video service because you have in mind the idea of those endless and boring traditional videos that some time ago used to give those newlywed friends back from their honeymoon.

Hiring a Los Angeles wedding video service means that a professional or a team of professionals will record in audiovisual format those moments that you consider essential in the wedding. The result will surely be hours of recorded material and an edited video or videos, which will be the story and testimony of your wedding.

In addition to the moments foreseen in the wedding day program, the videographer must have a keen eye and be very observant. The anecdotes, complicit glances, and emotions that may arise unexpectedly on the big day are recorded.

So it will be just as crucial that the “yes, I do” of both of them is recorded for posterity as the effusive hugs that their loved ones will give them, the attentive looks of their proud parents, and the moment when grandma started singing at the top of her lungs.

Today it is possible to make a los angeles wedding video with a very professional result, very similar to that of film productions or music videos of great artists. Our wedding day is the most important day of our life, so having an original and professional video of the celebration will help you immortalize it and watch it whenever you want, remembering every moment in a fun way.

Pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions are becoming fashionable, and in the video, it is also common to record sessions before and after the big day. If this will be your case, it will be vital that you know your provider’s availability and agree on what kind of service you want, how many videos you need, in what style, and what expectations you have. This is the only way to get personalized quotes.

Some examples of additional services to the recording of the B-day are interviews or messages where the bride and groom dedicate thoughts of love to each other, the engagement party with the family, a trailer that can be shared on your wedding website or on your social networks or the increasingly requested trash the dress where the modern wedding dress becomes the protagonist.

Every couple is different. So talk to the professionals to see which style would best represent you. If you are both movie buffs, a great choice would be the cinematic style. If you want something more conservative, you might choose a more traditional or documentary-style package.

But if creativity comes out of your pores, choose an artistic style where every detail is in focus, including that engagement ring or shots that surprise the viewer. Among equipment options, if you want impact shots, check if you have access to new techniques, such as drones, GoPro-type action cameras, underwater cameras, 360° lenses, or HD cameras, especially for digital cinema.

Most professionals make two versions of wedding videos, a long one with all the details and a shorter one; ask to see their portfolio and some of these shorter versions to get an idea of their style and if their style goes with yours.