The Right Choice of the best rehabs


Addition to the entire infrastructure, the clinic must be up-to-date with the operating license, as well as the registration with the Ministry of Health. And yet, they must be registered with the State Narcotics Councils and Municipal Anti-Drug Councils, which are responsible for providing information to the Health Surveillance about the clinic’s operation.

Ask about post-hospitalization

The alcohol rehab treatment should not be done only while the patient is in the clinic, because when leaving the clinic you will face situations that can cause him to relapse, or even, psychiatric illnesses masked by the drug. So, what support does the clinic offer him?

Assess whether the institution has plans for periodic consultations, with specialists, psychologists for after treatment and rehabilitation. Participation of self-help groups to strengthen the patient’s self-esteem and keep him or her away from drugs, offering another view of life.

What are the requirements for the functioning of the recovery clinic?

The Ministry of Health, through the National Secretariat for Drug Policy, requires a technician in charge of health or social work to run the recovery clinic, trained to assist patients with psychoactive substance disorders.

The courses must be recognized by the State Narcotics Councils and Municipal Anti-Drug Councils, an administrative coordinator and three community agents trained in chemical dependency. During the night period, a member of the team must be present.


Each accommodation must have a maximum of 30 patients, with a single bed or bunk bed, wardrobe, bathroom, with a basin, a washbasin and a shower for each 6 people, including a bathroom adapted for the disabled.  In the administrative sector, a reception room, for the file of residents’ files (medical records), a meeting room for staff and bathrooms for employees (both sexes). The kitchen and laundry are collective, and cleaning, janitorial, security and warehouse sectors.

How to seek help?

In this country, there are several recovery clinics, both public and private. Because they are more restricted places, the best way to find them is by referring a specialist or by searching the internet for treatment agencies for drug addicts and consulting the register. A total of 614 therapeutic communities signed up to offer free places. All are qualified, according to the Government’s guidelines and have a multidisciplinary team with proven professional experience for drug addicts.

When choosing a clinic, give priority to those that hold group meetings, therapies, which also treat the family, promote resocialization and spiritual moments. In addition, the ideal is that the place also offers programs to prevent relapse. Every drug addict is liable to weaken and return to drug use , so there is little care.

Still doubts?

As you saw, the rehab clinic is a quiet place, with restricted access. There, several professionals are available 24 hours to monitor numerous diseases, especially drug addiction. The detoxification procedures are carried out with medical supervision, through practical and innovative technologies.

When the user is aware that he needs help, treatment becomes easier and more accessible. However, if you notice that your family member is destroying yourself every day, but you are not giving yourself in any way, it is time for you to take action.

For cases like these, there is the involuntary hospitalization service, which is performed by an authorized clinic, in accordance with current legislation. Don’t worry about going against the will of the person you love. You have to be firm in your decision-making and do what is necessary for her sake.