Tips for caring for a French bulldog puppy


The Frenchie dog is an active and intelligent dog that makes it a sociable, cheerful, playful and affable animal with children and adults. He is very affectionate with the members of his family, including the little ones, who for him are an inexhaustible source of games. If it is your choice, you will surely find the perfect partner, but anticipate some important aspects that you should prepare the days before.

Internal security

Your house must be totally safe. Put yourself in their shoes. Check that it cannot get caught or fall from somewhere: check windows, balconies and stairs.

Like at home

Keep in mind that, like any Pug puppy, the French bulldog needs a comfortable bed and a quiet resting area. Feeling safe will help you get used to your new home sooner.


If you have a garden, make sure there are no holes or holes in the fence where it can escape. When you take him out to the park you must make sure that he does not ingest anything since his curiosity can play against him. Bear in mind that there may be many toxic substances in the environment, even plants.

But what to eat

Another of the most important choices you must make is what puppy food you are going to offer. All phases of growth are the key. At all times there is a food made to measure to guarantee a perfect diet, essential for its correct growth.

Choice of vet

The puppy must undergo the reviews indicated by the veterinarian, who will establish the vaccination and deworming schedule.

To play

Select smaller toys adapted to the mouth of the smallest puppies. Some rubber toys are practically indestructible and can last for many years.

Put yourself in their shoes

Its short and sparse coat is very easy to care for, but it can get a bit cold in winter, especially with sudden changes in temperature. Pay attention to the folds of your skin because irritations can occur.

Affection is mandatory

The French bulldog needs contact with its owners, so it does not cope well with being alone at home for many hours. This attitude makes the French bulldog a perfect companion dog, although it is not without character. A considerable level of stubbornness is added to his intelligence, so his education must be firm and patient, although we must ensure that he bows to our decisions ALWAYS avoiding physical punishment.