Tips for Successfully Advertising Products Through Email


While it doesn’t hurt to have one on your side, you don’t necessarily need an advertising agency to be successful at advertising products to your email subscribers. However, there is a knack to making impactful emails that will drive potential customers deeper into the funnel. Here are some ways to approach email advertising campaigns.

Know Your Customers

Use any previous customers buying habits and preferences to see when they buy, what they buy, and what they seem to buy most and then hone in on those.

Send out offers relevant to what the majority or target demographic seem to be going for and send emails out when they historically see the highest open rates.

Include Customer Testimonials and Product Reviews

Carefully crafted emails will not only stay on target to the topic at hand and make the products or services sound irresistible, but the inclusion of previous customers experiences and reviews can go far in gaining the trust of new ones.

Don’t hesitate to put up your glowing reviews and testimonials either in text within advertising emails or through the inclusion of outbound links to them.

Incorporate Industry News

It speaks to some customers when advertisers know what’s relevant in niche industries today, so don’t hesitate to share some knowledge along with your promotional emails.

This is especially useful if you plan to launch the product within certain time frames when the product or services is most in demand. Let customers know how your company will meet this need—better than others, of course.

Offer Deals, Giveaways or Contests

Nothing gets readers clicking links in emails that the promise of free stuff, so why not take advantage of this opportunity.

Include a link or code for a percentage off or a free item or service like shipping to tempt buyers. You might want to include a stipulation of signing up for a newsletter or social media inclusion to qualify for giveaways for additional advertising exposure opportunities.