Top 10 Amazing party theme ideas Capricorns will Actually Like


It’s time to grab some wonderful party theme ideas to make it enjoyable and organized.Everyone likes harmony and rhythm in décor, food, arrangement and activities. It’s not about spending hefty amount of cash to make it royal and gorgeous. A few simple tricks will do the work and bring about desired effect. To impress the guests, it’s good to go by the latest trends. It’s not as formal as weddings or other official occasions, so you are free to be as creative as you like. Adults and kids should enjoy and feel they are an important part of the crowd. Colors, décor, object, sitting arrangement, food tables and floor should be focused. The entrance must be heavily decorated because it gives the first impression. Then comes the pool where swimmers will enjoy with others. So, it can also be embellished in various ways to make it special. Make themes wonderful and surprising because they are clearly visible in the pictures that will be saved for years to come. Guests will remember this décor for a long time and give compliments to your taste. 

To make task easier for you, 10 party theme ideas are presented here:

  1. Young divers

Because it’s a pool party and to differentiate it from ordinary parties, make different objects that scuba divers use. These can be their costumes, oxygen masks, goggles, fins and so on. Kids would love wearing them. You can buy original from a store or make your own at home using different materials. Use cardboard, paper, foaming sheet, spray paint, plastic glasses and other items to create divers accessories. Make color same as original to give more realistic effect. 

  1. Water world

Fish, sea horse, jelly fish, alligator, turtle, octopus, dolphin, whale and other sea animals are a cute addition. Draw them on card board and cut neatly. Then paste them on skewers or sticks for holding. Hang them around over the table or place vertically all over the floor. Paste some with walls in an attractive pattern. Make them colorful and vibrant to add interest. 

  1. Uniform color scheme

Choose one or more colors and stick to them throughout the arrangement. It should be same in chairs, table, crockery, napkins, food, décor, floor and even invitation cards. This is one of the most amazing party theme ideas that describe the capricorn wisdom. It gives a fantastic effect to have similar color or pattern in all objects. It needs effort to find such products in the market and create your own especially in bulk. But, you can get them in big gift shops. Place an order to get customized decorations if dealer offers this. Make sure you contact them several weeks before the event. 

  1. Turquoise, cyan, blue and sea green

The combination of soft blue, sea green, cyan, turquoise and wedge wood blue give cool effect because these colors represent water. Follow the same color scheme in everything. Get balloons and splash balls of the same shades and hang them around.  

  1. Pink birds

Choose coral pink or Barbie pink for a vibrant look. Set flamingo all around near the table, entrance, pool and other corners. Place them over the table to attract the attention. It’s a unique way to decorate because mostly, planners use balls or balloons. Birds will be a new concept. Paint Butterfly, lady bug and other birds in different shades of pink. 

  1. LED lights

Sparkling lights is a wonderful way to illuminate especially if its evening or night. They are an economical way to decorate. Incorporatesmall bulbs in party theme ideas and make it royal. Set light strings on the edges of table, wall décor, chairs and pool. Make sure nobody touches them. Choose any color like green lime, blue, yellow and purple. Its good to go with the color scheme of the entire arrangement. 

  1. Glass and crystal

Have some clear glass photo frames, mirror, vases and tables for a gorgeous impact. It’s mostly suitable in formal occasions, but give it a try. It’s perfect for adults’ party. Crystal objects have a strange attraction especially when they are colored. Use big mirrors in the main areas with oval or rectangle intricate frames. Hang balloons in front of them or at the borders. 

  1. Floating toys

Get inflated toys like bear, cartoon characters, butterfly and birds nicely set in the pool. Make them big to look attractive and noticeable. 

9.3D yard signs

Erect a ball or pool shaped round yard sign with caption of your choice. Make it three dimensional and big. Choose any irregular shape with swimming objects printed on it. 

10.Picture boards

Print huge posters of your picture on boards and set near main table, entrance, picture booth and pool. Group photos are awesome for this. 

Follow these amazing party theme ideas for more enjoyment and a memorable festivity.