Things to know Before becoming a Surrogate


Surrogacy is a wonderful supplementary way for those who can’t become a parent naturally. Medical technology has enabled lots of people to have a baby with someone who is genetically connected. Notably, the number of Hong Kong Egg Donor is really low than the others.

Challenges with a Surrogate

  • Surrogacy, like any other pregnancy it is also full of so many risks. From nausea to weight gaining and swelling, heartburn, etc. It comes under the surrogacy risk. There are always chances of hypertension and gestational rises during this period.
  • Like any normal pregnancy, there are also chances of miscarriage in surrogacy. Preterm labor bus a huge problem that often happens in surrogacy. It is very important to take the necessary advice from family doctors. Proper medication and rest can reduce these problems. 
  • Some minor risks which are connected to in Vitro Fertilization might occur during gestational surrogacy. You don’t take any medicine for this treatment, you have injection yourself at the home. So that’s why there are chances of allergic effects from the injection needle. The medicine you take to normalize your menstrual cycle can affect you by premenstrual syndrome or severe headaches. 
  • You can bleed or feel cramp during the embryo transfer process. But there is no need to get panicked as these things can be treated by the doctor if you stay in touch with them regularly. High dose antibiotics can treat anything these days. 

Surrogacy is treated as a legal alternative way of adoption. Several processes like artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are legally adopted by most of the governments. But the care must be taken as it is yet to be recognized by the government in several parts of the world. 

The life of the child is always at stake in this process that’s why it is important to make it right for everyone. The public might not be well informed about the legalities i.e. Hong Kong parental rights or the medical issues of the process, so it is the responsibility of the doctors and NGOs and also the government to make all people aware of surrogacy.

In some cases, the surrogate mother doesn’t want to give away the legal rights of biological parents. The one who bears the children is supposed to be the legal mother of the baby according to the Hong Kong Parental Rights. It is said in the law that if the surrogate mother is married at the time of surrogacy then the husband will be the legal father of the baby. Until the parental rights are transferred the surrogate mother and his husband will be the legal parent according to the law.