Top 4 Best Tall Boy Drawers:


Tall boy drawers

Tall boy drawers are the biggest set of drawers in a room suite or set. They’re greater than your normal drawers, lowboy, and dresser. The best part is that they give you plentiful storage and bring understated allure to any room, particularly when combined with coordinating room furniture. The Tall boy drawers are an enchanting expansion to any room.

Tall boy drawers: what to look for

The features of Tall boy drawers are clear. It’s a thing of furniture that has various level drawers from top to bottom. By and large, Tall boy drawers will be of a similar size, however, a few designs may modify the size of the drawers in a balanced example. A portion of the drawers may have knob handles made from wood or metals.

A staple in British homes for quite a long time, you can find tallboys dating back similar to the eighteenth century. Early drawers in rich mahogany, can be wonderfully fancy frequently with formed edges, metal handles and ogee bracket feet. Quick forward to the twentieth century and you will find a scope of retro and mid-century choices some roused by Danish structure in teak and rosewood; others in the mark style of G Plan. Whatever the look you are wishing to accomplish in your home, there is a tall boy to include capacity and style in spades.

Mirrored tallboy drawers

If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous for your home, a mirrored tallboy drawer might be just the thing. With clean lines and covered in beautifully beveled glass panels, a mirrored tallboy is great for bringing some contemporary style to any room. The reflective glass will also help to open up the room, which is perfect if you’re working with a smaller space.

Sleek tallboy drawers for extra storage

Add some more storage to your home with a Tall boy drawer’s cabinet. Accessible in a scope of hues and styles, Tall boy drawers are tall and slender, making them ideal for slotting into small or awkward spaces in any room of the house.

Metal tallboy drawers

For something a little unusual, look out for metal tallboy drawers. These tallboy drawers are often made with embossed metal cladding and are amazing for bringing a chic and bohemian feel to any room in your home. You may even come across a rounded metal tallboy drawer, with a vintage French feel that’s sure to be a great statement piece.

Wooden tallboy drawers

There are loads of quality wooden Tall boy drawers, in a wide range of hues and finishes. In the event that you love the rustic look of wood, go for drawers completed with a clear varnish that improves the vibe of the natural grain. On the off chance that you like the appearance of lighter wood, go for oak or pine Tall boy drawers to brighten up your space. Or on the other hand, in the event that you prefer darker woods, look out for teak or mahogany tallboy drawers for a deeper color palette.