What To Do Before You Go On A Run


Going for a run is great exercise that lets you enjoy the outdoors as you workout. However, there are several things you must accomplish ahead of time to ensure that you are safe and healthy while you are out. Here are a few things you should do before jogging.

Get a Drink

Before you head out on the trail, be sure to hydrate as much as you can. When you run, you will sweat. If you consume too little water before you go, your muscles could cramp and you could suffer an injury. It is also far easier to exercise with the proper hydration. Observe the weather and the distance that you want to cover to determine how much fluid to drink and try to keep it to either water or a sports drink.

Stretch Your Limbs

To prevent injury, stretch out your legs, back, hips, and any other major muscle group that works hard as to jog. This should be done before to start your run. Perform a few cross stretching exercises until you feel a deep pull in your side. Swing your legs back and forth to mobilize your hips. Do these for several moments until your body feels warmed up and loose enough to start your jog.

Pick an Upbeat Playlist

If you like to listen to music as you exercise, assemble a playlist of fast tempo, inspirational songs to keep your stride to. You can purchase the digital file of each song or there are several providers that allow you to build a custom playlist for yourself. Keep the music at a low volume or listen with only one ear covered if you plan to run on the street so that you can hear the traffic around you. Plot out the route you are going to take, calculate the mileage that you want to go, then head out for your jog.