What You Need to Know About Transporting Liquids


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Transporting Liquids is an important job and takes experience and knowledge of each liquid being transported. The key factor in transporting liquids properly is having the proper tanks to transport the liquids, one highly recommended tank to have are Flexi Tanks and Iso Tanks. Many of these transports needed to be complete are done either internationally or locally, either way both types of transports are important and require knowledge and experience. Many liquids being transported are juices, wines, oils, and any other nonhazardous liquids.

Flexi tanks are designed to be globally and economically safe and reliable, maintaining the liquids you need to transport. Benefits of using Flexi Tanks to transport liquids are the increased shipping capacity, lower cost than multiple other types of bulk liquid transports. The increased capacity gives the company transporting the liquids 50% more room to fit more liquids in than any other type of transporting bulk containers. With using Flexi Tanks you will be saving more money and getting more value out of it, you will only be paying for the disposable bag and freight for the containers unlike paying for everything when you use other transporting tanks. Flexi Tanks are also designed with a multilayer bag which has the capacity up to 25,000 liters of space for liquids mainly non hazardous liquids. Many of those non hazardous liquids include oxygen, wine, flat beer and nonhazardous chemicals. Pros for using Flexi tanks include fast loading, low storage costs as well as lower costs than any other tank or containers used for transporting liquids. Flexi Tanks can also be used as a safe way to be used as an international and global liquid transport in several different countries, states and cities.

For those who plan on shipping and transporting liquids internationally Iso Tanks is designed to provide incredible international shipping and is designed to be suitable for alcohol transports as well as more volatile liquids. Iso tanks are also designed to easily be installed and transported. A few Iso Tank benefits include an unlimited versatile liquid shipping solution, designed to maintain massive structural strength as well as vacuumed sealed for a guaranteed leak and high quality seal.

Another way of transporting liquids is by using barrels and drums, companies have designed these drums and barrels for transporting liquids to either be made with steel, plastic or fibre. If you’re needing to ship lower capacities of liquids the drums would be the best recommendation, they have volumes from 20 to 300 liters for all types of transportable liquids. Pros for using drums to transport liquids include the drums being designed to be easily stackable on pallets, Can also be used for hazardous liquids and easy to transport.

Some companies have used Intermediate Bulk Containers to transport their liquids all over the country for multiple reasons one because these bulk containers are reusable and can be used for chemicals, food ingredients and solvents. Some describe these bulk containers as easy to stack, easily moved using a forklift without any issues or problems as well as easy to mount on pallets. Bulk containers can also be used for global liquid transport, and international shipping at a lower cost and better liquid volume capacity ranging between 200 liters to 1,250 liters of space for any type of liquid. Intermediate Bulk Containers have the ability to be FDA approved as well as food contact approved, giving them the approval to transport food liquids, oils and food ingredients. With lower handing and storage space costs as well as easy transportation, Intermediate Bulk Containers are highly recommended for any company wanting or needing to transport any liquids easily.