Six Things You Didn’t Know About Emergency Vehicle Lights


Emergency vehicles need a way to tell the cars around them to get out of the way. Being able to get to emergencies quickly can mean the difference between life and death in some situations. One way that they alert the surrounding cars to get out of the way is by using a light bar. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about emergency light bars.

Different Sizes

Different vehicles need different sized light bars. Because bigger vehicles need bigger lights so that they are easier to see. There are many sizes because you can put emergency lights on different parts of the vehicle. For example, there are smaller light bars on the side of a fire truck and larger light bars on the top of police cars. The Whelen light bar company offers many different sizes of light bars. They have a light bar for all types of emergency vehicles.

LED Lighting

There are LED light bars and halogen light bars. LED light bars are the newest products. LED light bars are brighter and last longer than halogen. They are better for emergency vehicles because they are easier to see. Along with that, they can be sized smaller and larger than traditional emergency lights. LED lights are perfect for emergency vehicles and are the most commonly used type of vehicle lighting on the market right now.

Visor Light Bar vs Car Top Light Bar

Undercover police cars and newer police cars have visor light bars versus top of the car light bars. The point of this is to be better hidden among the other cars. Also, it keeps the light bar out of the wear and tear of the outside world. It helps stop people from just slowing down because they see a police officer. Whelen light bars offer both types. The biggest difference between the two is size and mounting brackets. The light bar in the vehicle also has to shine a little differently so that it doesn’t inhibit the officers view.

Benefits of Having a Light Bar

Light bars alert surrounding people that there is a problem. Then it lets them know to get out of the way so that

Different Brands

There are many different brands of emergency vehicle lights. And just like many other products there are higher and lower quality brands. Whelen brand light bars are the most high quality. This is so important. There is nothing worse than a light bar not working especially when it is a matter of an emergency. So using a high quality brand made from high quality parts is crucial.

Different Emergency Vehicles

An ambulance requires different lighting than a police car. A fire truck needs different lighting than an ambulance. By utilizing different hues of color in the emergency light, it can tell drivers what emergency vehicle is around without actually having to see the vehicle. The emergency lights have many purposes. The color being different for each emergency vehicle can help a driver know if there is a serious wreck with ambulances or just a speeder pulled over on the road ahead. That way they can know if they should change their route. Also, bigger vehicles need bigger lights. This way they are sure to be seen.


At the end of the day, who knew there were so many differences between the light bars in all the different emergency vehicles. Different vehicles require different sized and branded light bars. These light bars are a way to tell surrounding vehicles to watch out. This way they can get to an emergency faster and hopefully save more lives.