Where to Buy Laticrete Spectralock Pro Grout Near Me?


If you are tiling up a patch of your floor, an exterior deck or patio, what you need aside from great tiles is a premium quality grout. Laticrete SpectraLock Pro Grout is one of the most highly rated epoxy grouts known to us. Designed for both interior and exterior use, this high-quality tiling Spectralock grout is popular for its durability and protection. 

What Makes The SpectraLOCK a Distinguished Tiling Product?

The Spectralock pro premium grouthas made its reputation on the strength of its industry-grade quality and heavy-duty performance. Here are the features that make this product a standout in the shelf. 

  • SpectraLOCK Premium grout is a low-maintenance product that is easy to clean.
  • It is stain-proof, and therefore retains its original color for decades.
  • It offers an antimicrobial protection which eliminates chances of growth of fruiting bodies.
  • It has a uniform color which does not undergo blotchiness, discoloration or shading even after many years.
  • It is a better-quality product than the cement-based tiling grouts available in the market.
  • The SpectraLOCK is a no-sag formula which makes it equally fit to use in both floors and walls.
  • At 70F, the product has a long working time of 80 minutes without freezing.
  • The products are usable for both domestic and commercial purposes. 
  • This grout is great for use in wide temperature swings. 
  • The Spectralock Grout Part C has 40 different finishes available. 

Where Can You Buy It Near You?

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