Why Get Your Handpieces Repaired With Genuine Parts


Your high-speed handpieces are manufactured with extreme precision that makes them reliable. When repairing any tool, including your favorite Lares handpiece, you need to get genuine parts that meet this level of precision. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should get your handpieces repaired with genuine parts.


Unlike most third-party repair shops, a company that offers genuine parts must conform to strict standards and meet expectations to maintain their certifications. Company representatives will often inspect these shops regularly to ensure the facilities and parts comply with these standards. Additionally, they will likely have product liability insurance to support you if anything happens to your device after a repair.


When your dental handpieces are repaired, someone with genuine parts will first check to see if your tools are under warranty. You will be contacted and receive a repair quote for any of the work not covered by a warranty. Then, technicians will thoroughly clean your handpiece, and genuine parts will be installed. This gives your handpiece the upgrade that it needs to continue performing at a high-quality. Any repairs with genuine parts will return your tool to brand-new factory specs.


Many repair services with genuine parts strive to keep the process affordable and offer clients free inbound and outbound shipping. They also strive to keep their prices low on genuine parts and labor, so clients don’t have to worry about visiting third-party shops to save money. Additionally, these shops are convenient because they strive to make repairs as quickly as possible with most small jobs being completed and shipped back to clients the same day they are received.

When repairing your handpieces, it is important to make sure that you get genuine parts. These come with a warranty, offer high-quality performance, and are convenient to come by.