Unhealthy Beverages to Avoid and Why Plain Water Purified by Big Berkey is Good Enough


We need to stay hydrated all the time. Our body needs water to perform regular functions. Dehydration isn’t only unhealthy, but could even be fatal. In places where there’s no access to clean drinking water, people die due to dehydration and other waterborne diseases. If you live in an area where clean water is available, you have to make the most of it. If not, you can at least use the Big Berkey water filter. It purifies drinking water and makes it safe.

Water isn’t the only liquid that helps hydrate the body. There are other options out there. The problem is that most of them are unhealthy. Sure, they help you stay hydrated, but they could also lead to other health problems. It’s best to stay away from these drinks.

Juice in a box 

Dribbling juice in a box is convenient. You can easily buy one from a convenience store. It’s also the preferred drinks of parents who couldn’t think of what to place inside their children’s snack box. These drinks come in different fruit flavors too. Hence, it’s easy to confuse them as healthy alternatives to water. The truth is that they contain tons of sugar, additives, and artificial flavor. Real fruit extracts are barely present in most of these beverages. Unless you prepare the juice from scratch at home and know what went into the drink, you should avoid it.


Coffee contains healthy ingredients and antioxidants. There’s nothing wrong with drinking coffee in moderation. It’s even a part of many people’s cultures. The problem is that coffee contains caffeine, which can be addictive. It’s the reason why some people even end up with five to ten cups of coffee a day. Given its taste, it would be difficult for you to stop. Coffee keeps you up when you’re sleepy, but it also increases your heart rate and the feeling of anxiety. There are decaffeinated versions of regular coffee available these days. The problem is that they contain plenty of sugar and other artificial flavorings to mimic the taste of the original coffee.


There’s nothing good about soda. It has tons of sugar, artificial flavor, and caffeine. It leads to diabetes, heart attack, cancer, kidney malfunction, and many deadly diseases. However, given its taste, you couldn’t stop drinking it. Even if you go for a seemingly safer version like Coke Zero or Coke Diet, there’s no guarantee that you’re getting a healthier soda. Coke Zero might not contain sugar, but it uses unhealthy alternatives. Others don’t contain the same amount of caffeine, but the taste isn’t satisfying enough. As a result, you end up drinking more. You also convince yourself that you’re drinking a healthy drink, so you don’t mind having more.

Sweetened drinks 

Any sweetened drink, fresh or bottled, should be avoided. You normally don’t check the nutritional label, but it could have surprising information. The amount of sugar and even the type of sugar used in making these drinks will make you fear having a glass ever again.

Sports drinks 

Sports drinks are common among athletes and people who regularly go to the gym. They’re supposed to keep you energetic and focused. Although some sports drinks can give you those results, you should avoid them. They also contain plenty of sugar. In fact, in some cases, you become energetic because of the sugar rush. Once it’s depleted, your body crashes down instantly. For athletes and physically active individuals, sports drinks aren’t necessary. Water is enough to replenish whatever fluid you lost because of your intense physical activity.

Protein shakes

Protein shakes are similar to sports drinks. They’re also useful in keeping you alert and active. They have an added benefit, though. They help build muscle mass. People who want to achieve a perfectly ripped body prefer drinking protein shakes before or after an intense workout. Ask your physician before taking a protein shake. Some people have underlying illnesses that could be worsened with the intake of protein shakes. In some instances, the effects could be the other way. Instead of building muscle mass, you end up gaining more weight. A protein shake isn’t for everyone. Unless you can burn more calories than the ones consumed through the protein shake, it’s best to stay away from it. Besides, there are other ways to achieve your fitness goals. Protein shakes are unnecessary.

Smoothies from a store

There’s nothing wrong with having smoothies if you did them at home. You carefully selected the ingredients. You reduced or even eliminated sugar. You also added ingredients that have health benefits. The problem is if you get them from a store. Although they contain real fruits, they might also have plenty of sugar or other forms of sweetener. You might assume that you’re drinking something healthy, but you’re not. The benefits given by the fruits present in the smoothies are almost useless because of the ill effects brought by the sugar content.

Alcoholic beverages

There should be no more discussion about the unhealthy effects of alcohol in your body, especially the liver and kidney. If you have drinking problems, you need to stop right away. Don’t wait until you start to suffer the health consequences of overconsumption. If your drinking problem is related to family or relationship issues, you can ask for help from an expert. It’s not yet late. You have a chance to recover and be sober.

Vitamin water

Perhaps, the biggest lie that you will hear is that Vitaminwater is healthy. It’s in the name. Before you feel enticed to drink it, you have to understand the potential effects in your body. Although infused with vitamins, this beverage isn’t necessarily healthy. It may contain sugar or artificial flavoring.

Even if you dislike the taste of plain water, it’s still the best choice for you. Remind yourself always to drink a glass. Better yet, bring a bottle of water wherever you go. It helps you stay hydrated.