Why You Should Become a Data Center Technician


If you love to work with computers, a position in a data center would be a great fit for you. Data centers are buildings that house servers and other equipment that process information and redistribute it. Here are a few things you would do.

Repair Equipment

To work in this environment, you need to take data center training courses. One of the tasks you will perform is basic maintenance on servers. This includes doing updates to the software and ensuring the hardware is working correctly. If something is broken, you will be able to fix it and get it back online.

Monitor Software

The number one task of a data center technician is to monitor the systems in the building. This includes watching the temperature of the machines so that it stays consistent, keeping track of their performance and documenting accurate records. You will also need to send reports to your clients so that they know the status of their equipment and information.

Set Up New Equipment

Another duty of a data center technician is to set up new equipment that comes in and bring it online with the customer’s network and the machines already onsite. You will collaborate with the client to establish their security and that the connection between the two points is clear.

Educate Others

When an issue comes up, a data technician will be the one to troubleshoot it with the customer and help them work through it. You will go onsite to explain how to access the data on the servers and use the programs provided. You will also instruct the other techs in your building on updated procedures and how to maintain the machines onsite. You would also hold classes for this staff on what to do if a problem occurs either with the server or the software installed on it and the different ways it can be remedied.