10 Fun Things to Do with an sex doll


If you want to pleasurable things with a sex doll then this article will be very helpful to you. Here is the list of top 10 fun things those you do with the sex doll.

  1. Different styles

With your sex doll, you can also have a real good time while you get busy trying out all the sexual positions. Have you tried the 69 or the doggy style? If not then this is the time for you to try this out. It is often seen that real women are unable to be so flexible that the doggy style or 69 can be performed. However, with the invention of the jy doll, this problem has been solved. Men can now have full fun of any kind of sexual position that they want to. Let your dick and her vagina do the talking all night.

  1. Amazing sex

Have you watched Fifty Shades of Grey and been fascinated with it? If yes, then the sex doll is exactly what your need. Women might be in love with Christian Grey in the movie but men are always in love with the sex that has been shown. If you want to try it out at home, get hold of your sex doll, and have an amazing sex. You can also lick that ice cream off her boobs and slowly proceed to her vagina. The sensations are going to be loved by both of you.

  1. A visit to a restaurant

You can also take her out of the restaurant where she can eat with your help. It can just be the replica of a date with a real girl. You can arrange for candlelight dinner and amazing exotic food an item that is going to make not only road there but also that of the doll.

  1. Tour

Both of you can also go out for a tour to Paris or France wherever you like. But before making plans for the tour, you need to make sure that the country allows sex dolls and you are not going to get embraced. This won’t be a good idea then. You can spend as much as time you want to with your doll. You can make plans for a hill station where you two can just cuddle under the blankets and spend your time inside the hotel, on the bed.

  1. Muscular body

If you are a woman and on the Lookout for a man who is going to bow down to your sexual Desire, then a sex doll forever is all you need. You can replace your male partner with the male sex doll and get the exact sexual pleasure that you had been looking out for. That huge dick is sure to please you in all ways possible.

  1. Let his dick please you

The men are too sensitive when it comes to sex and are unable to fulfill the desire of their hyperactive wives. In such a scenario, the wives can use the sex doll forever and have fun with them. The muscular body of the man is going to make you go all wet under your pants.

  1. The roleplay

You can use your SEDOLL for the role-playing activities that you have always wished for. Role-playing is something that enhances the feeling when one has sex. It helps you to get lost in a world that is different from that of reality. Many people love the fact of role-playing but are unable to because their women partners are not willing. In such a situation, you can take out your sex doll and play the role that you have desired for. Like, let the sex doll be your maid and serve you food in her vagina.

  1. Dress up

You can dress up your SEDOLL According to your preferences and the way you would like her to be dressed. Dressing up your sex doll helps you to bring that extra hotness into them. You can dress them up as the sexy teacher when you want to get punished for may be coming late to home. If you like to be beaten up and have a rough sex. Then dress up your doll just like that. Dressing up your doll is fun and also helps you to bring out that inner child in you. It is almost like dressing up the Barbie dolls.

  1. Punishments

With the technological advancements, you can now have a robotic sex doll that is going to interact with you just like a real woman would. If you are able to get hold of the robotic doll then you will be able to have full fun with it by making it do all the household courses and then punish her or spank her hard for not being able to do it properly.

  1. Bathroom sex

The jy doll can be taken to the bathroom for a shower sex. You can take her to the washroom to give her a good bath so that she can be clean and then you both can end up having an amazing shower sex or maybe a sex in the bathtub. Does it sound good? It is surely going o make you go weak under your pants and you’ll end up having a good sex.