3 Main Differences Between A Closet Home Shelter and A Panic Room


A place of safety; we all at some point seek a location, position to minimize risks, where protection and personal well-being are the goal. 

Times can be unpredictable so preparation for “life” events such as severe storms or individuals with ill intent like an intruder are possible. Either scenario can be life threatening and it is wise to create a room, shelter or space of sound protection to foster peace of mind.

Take the closet home storm shelters or panic room as options in these cases. Both are quite effective to achieve the goals to protect yet one clear difference is that the closet shelter is constructed for sheer shelter purposes the other for security. 

When someone thinks of a panic room there are images of someone forcing their way into the home and having a fortified area to retreat quickly that contains a line to authorities with assistance within reach. The closet shelter is a room ready for retreat when severe weather is imminent.

Panic Free

These safe spaces are available in different forms though they both serve as protection containing observable differentiation. They are both state of the art refuge from bodily harm or even death. Just what is a panic room? It is a safe room and today with the advantage of technology. They are built like a safe or vault but for the protection and safety of humans against other humans. Much of its advantage lies in the secret entryways and hidden doors. 

Equipped with sometimes extensive and comprehensive surveillance and communication it can be like a sort of central command center that is directly linked to police or emergency medical services. These fortresses often are built within the home near a bedroom and are soundproof due to construction made of cement, steel or other impenetrable material.

In the Closet

The Closet home storm shelters may not necessarily have the outside communication the panic room holds and that is fine. They may not be located closest to the bed room as many panic rooms are. 

They may be located somewhere within the home enclosed in a specific space and can also be a pantry or actual closet with specs that elevate it from a simple closet or pantry retreat to a true closet shelter. The ability to get in quickly and remain protected from storms especially tornadoes and hurricanes are the key. 

The specs here should meet federal standards of construction to prepare for the worst outcomes. This closet home shelter must include no windows and contain supplies and materials as well.

Now anyone can create from a home closet a specified closet home storm shelter themselves with a bit of guidance and effort. a weather protected space usually on the lowest floor can be converted to this home shelter. A panic room however may take considerable money to fortify and not always be best located downstairs but close to the most private space like a bedroom. 

If serious why not take steps to make it as efficient as possible. That means clearing items out of the space, placing items such as blankets, pillows, and an emergency supply kit (water, three day supply of food, flashlight, extra batteries, and weather radio)in its place.

Set areas in the home for safety from the elements whether weather or criminally related are a very important decision for everyone to at least take a hard look at adding to their home for family and peace of mind. Though each hold differences the one thing both share is planned safety.