Avoid these 5 Mistakes While Booking a Domestic Flight


Did you miss yet another flight because of a mistake you made while booking your flight? Mentioned in this post are some critical mistakes that you should avoid while booking a domestic flight. Keep reading. 

Though the task of flight booking is not that difficult, there are chances of missing out on a few things while booking a domestic flight. If taken care of, these little things can help you save a lot on your trip and reduce avoidable hassles. Let us find about these mistakes in detail. 

●       Wrong Date/Time – Sometimes, people do not cross-check the date and time of the flight in a hurry. A 10 PM departure flight could be a 10 AM flight that you misunderstood. Moreover, make sure that you consider the distance and time taken by you to reach the airport beforehand to book a flight according to it.

●       Putting Wrong Details – This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. It is advisable to re-check all the details before confirming a flight booking to avoid any future issues. The name entered should match the ID proof that you’ll be presenting at the airport, or else you may not be allowed to board the flight. 

●       Baggage Allowance – There is a limit on the luggage that you can carry while travelling by plane. It varies from airlines to airlines and depending on the type of ticket you purchase. While this limit is usually 15 Kgs for a domestic flight, it is mostly much higher (25-30Kgs) on an international flight.

In case you’re taking a connecting flight after landing from an international destination, make sure you check the baggage allowance and check the charges for extra baggage to avoid any surprises later. Moreover, some domestic flights offer a lower fare for passengers carrying only a cabin-baggage. 

●       Neglecting Hidden Cost – There are various hidden charges like service charge, taxes, in-flight meals, transaction costs, etc., that you might miss while looking for a cheap flight. If not given any attention, this can make your flight expensive.

●       Not Earning/Using the Miles – There are loyalty programs that provide a miles-earning feature on their website. Even if you are not a regular traveller, you can do your everyday shopping using your miles-based credit card and earn miles to get your next flight at a low cost or even for free. 

While these were the mistakes to avoid while making a domestic flight booking, let us now look at some tips to ensure your journey is smooth once you have booked your tickets. 

●       Time management – People often miss their flights because of not estimating accurately high-traffic on the roads. Leave early to avoid any such hassle. Moreover, airports have lounges and coffee shops to relax as you wait for boarding announcements even if you reach a bit early. 

●       Arrange Your Travel to Your Home/Office in Advance: Reaching an unknown place can be a bit overwhelming for some, especially when you arrive at odd hours. Pre-arranging your transport will help you travel worry-free. Various services allow you to pre-book cabs when you reach the airport. 

●       Know the Security Rules – There are some items that you cannot carry in the flight. Moreover, some are not allowed in cabin baggage. Read all the instructions on the airlines’ website or given via mail to avoid any security issue.

Some of these mistakes can cost you dearly when you’re flying. So, make sure that you book your flight ticket at a reasonable price without committing any such errors. Use your miles, focus on time management, check your details entered while booking, and you are good to go.

Have a safe and smooth journey.