Can I Advertise on TV?



Advertising and marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the most important ways of advertising, which is becoming common again due to technological advancements, is to engage in TV advertising. There are many different ways to go about advertising on television as can be seen by continuing to read below. 

National Commercials

Certain television commercials are seen on a national basis, meaning that anyone around the country is able to watch the commercial. It will show up on the top channels and will last upwards of 30 seconds. This will give you the opportunity to really promote your message and to even consider a storyline to ensure your commercial is captivating. it is important to note that national commercials can be expensive and can cost you over $350,000 in the long run so you should ensure that you are able to afford this hefty price tag for these commercials. 

Local Commercials

Another type of television commercial that is quite similar to the nationwide commercial is the local targeted commercial. It will only present itself on local channels, which is great if you are someone who only wants to reach out to a commercial audience that is local. These ads are significantly less expensive than the nationwide commercials as they only cost, at the very most, around $1000. This is extremely cost-effective if you are a business who is just beginning a marketing campaign or if you are a small business with not a very large marketing budget. 

Cable Spot

Buying a cable-based commercial is one of the least expensive methods to engage in TV advertising, as it will only cost you and your business around $100 at the very most. There is a chance that this type of advertising could cost your business as little as $5. It is important to note that cable ads do not include the top channels such as FOX, NBC or ABC. You will be able to target a specific audience though on the other cable channels by reaching out to the much fewer individuals who watch these channels. 

Connected Advertising

Connected TV advertising is the newest form of television advertising that involves you reaching your audience members via a smart television or via an OTT device. This type of advertising allows you to reach individuals who normally stream their television shows, which is often the newest generation as this trend is sharply on the rise. You can also keep your brands unified across all measures and can control exactly the type of audience you want to reach. That makes connected TV advertising one of the most streamlined and effective types of TV advertising that you can have. 

There are many types of advertisements that can come out of CTV. The first are in-stream ads in which you have up to 30 seconds to play an ad during or right before a certain show starts. An interactive pre-roll ad is one that plays at the same time, but the viewer can click on the ad to learn more or to go to the website of your business. Finally, a home screen placement ad is one that is not a video, but is almost like a digital poster in that it stays in the same place on the homepage with a call to action. 

Final Thoughts

There are many types of advertising that can be done on television. One of the most popular types that is sharply on the rise is connected TV advertising. This form is keeping on trend with more and more users utilizing streaming methods to watch TV.