Declutching the Clutter: Where To Put Your Stuff When You Downsize


It seems that life hits us in phases. One day we are starting out, buying furniture, and nesting to prepare for little ones.  In no time at all the house is almost empty and everyone is living their own lives.

If you find yourself heating, cooling, and cleaning way too much house, you may decide it is time to downsize.  There is only one problem.  What do you do with all your stuff?  Here are a few options to consider.

Put Your Stuff In Self-Storage

Downsizing entails two stages; moving into the smaller space and adapting to the new environment.  The problem is you may not know exactly how much space you will have until you find the new space.

Moving is also cited as one of the most stressful events in human life. It may be easier to conduct the move first, and then worry about what to do with your stuff later.  Self-storage allows you to focus on downsizing your space immediately, and then take your time downsizing your stuff.

Yard Sale or Give It Away

If some of your stuff is valuable or useful, you might be able to share that usefulness with others. Yard sales can be a quick way to make some money and eliminating some of your stuff. The things you can’t sell, however, you may be able to give away.

Throw It Away

This is likely the physically easiest but emotionally hardest decision. Throwing all your extra stuff into the garbage avoids the time and effort of sales and storage. However, you have this stuff for a reason. Getting rid of it at once may not be as easy as it seems.  Emotional attachment doesn’t care about space.